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  1. Ohai

    heya whats up

    I didn't log some time now, I see you don't have that chatbox anymore, moved to discord or? I was wondering hows wow modding going, was checking a few sites seems its still mostly 335. I'm guessing there wasn't any major progress on later xpacs? Also seen a few vids about ue4 and unity wow recreation, it seems promising anyone here tried that?
  2. hey whats so stupid about money gains, when i finish all my ideas and that would be around the time the polarcaps melt and pope becomes a muslim, imma host my serv publicly + get 1 more host domain for my money laundring bussines and gonna host it all in iran, they have no compliance with anything legal from the west lol and i found some really good hosts there matter a fact .b
  3. are u compiling legion or 335 domminust? your error says u got wrong extractors, pulling right branch? my problem up there was old boost had to upgrade, now i got new problems yipee
  4. well this was right there on the top of new tutorials, if its possible on 7.2 then 7.3 is within reach .b
  5. hey Смердокрыл could u plz just put your common.dll i would like to try with that, if u have a common.dll that is
  6. Hi I'm back :b hope I'll have some time to get back to anything of this wow stuff So started compiling legion trinitycore got stuck at extractor.bat ( mapextractor.exe mmaps_generator.exe vmap4assembler.exe and vmap4extractor.exe) not extracting anything, giving an error. Asked on ther forums then Aokromes told me to put common.dll into the wow folder, but left me in a blind alley cos I dont know where that common.dll should be? My retail Blizz legion folder doesnt have a common.dll?? trying to compile on win10, any help appreciated
  7. then maybe machinima studio export to obj
  8. wanted to say try tiger but wasnt 100% sure .b
  9. open blender, delete, save/export, profit?
  10. didn't they have that regular cheetah model in 335? if yes then its just the cat model with that skin
  11. yes there are no asymmetrical tabards unfortunately, gilneas had an awsome flag originaly, this one. I want to enable this flag But the mirrored thing made it into the java coffee icon
  12. hey, u no what u could try.. update your Core, DBC ( CharSection.dbc files) and update your Interface .lua and .xml files ? .. point being noone ever did it, or atleast publicly released anything like that so its up to you to crack it(exe?) and maek a nice tutorial after that too ofc ???? (*^_^*) and i hef to b really cozy when i read it
  13. i guess the main currency in the bank is dogecoin pun lol, ok i need to shut up now and stop being so funny all the time.. EDITomg none of you nerds liked my 3d, whatever your jealous
  14. this is my worgen bank on sketchfab did this model a year ago i think https://skfb.ly/6w6ps its an edited building in market qaurter gil city