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  1. Hello everyone! This week we are taking a look at an update of the Rebuilt Stromgarde 2021. In this update i've expanded on fully repairing the walls, making custom new buildings and more small environments.
  2. Hello everyone, this is a video where I showoff some of the work done to my Quel'aman / Ancient Wilds area. It is a revamp of the High Elves and their buildings - based on previous builds of the zone. Looks like the finally got to the point where they are restoring things properly. I hope you all enjoy the new buildings - pending a future release date.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Custom Old Stratholme - New Stratholme Wmo by MTL MEDIA / SinisterX INTRODUCTION Many in the WOW modding community are always looking for resources. One particular idea that is always roaming around is the idea to restore Lordaeron and it's cities. The second largest city being: Stratholme. In this mod I have taken "Caverns of Time - Old Stratholme" and modded for utility. The burning segment of the city was removed, new interiors were added: Chapel Interior Silver Hand Stronghold Interior City Tunnels Invisible walls removed Plague doodads removed ... and many other fixes to make the models usable. So if you are looking to restore Stratholme and be able to explore the city freely, then this is the resource for you. WHATS IN THE DOWNLOAD? Download contains a RAR file with an MPQ inside. The MPQ can be placed directly into the WOW DATA folder and named acording to each users patch load order. Alternatively the MPQ can be opened and resources can be extracted and used as need be. CREDIT Please include credit to MTL MEDIA or SinisterX. also included credit to Krysik for his (original Lordaeron Statues)