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  1. Pls make the upright orcs with some maghar skins and hair styles! That would be awesome!
  2. Dont you want to make the upright ork and some mag'har hair&beard styles into your patch? Oh and maybe some Mag'har skin colors but that's not important.
  3. Jonas Rush


    Great job man! Share it with the Undying WoW, they will like it and maybe they can use your map!
  4. Everyone likes the WotLK but the lots of people dont want to play on that because its old. Imagine a 7.3.x private server with WotLK endgame, new races(worgen,goblin,pandaren) and with the new casts(Monk, Demon Hunter). The talent system can be fixable to the players can able to get all the tallent points what they need, and you can make item sets to the new casts. The DH could start from lvl1, and only the VIP members can start one (everyone likes money and making servers is expensive). If someone want to make a WotLK server again, remember this. We want some old good memories live again and we want some new. Every week a WotLK private server opens, but nobody thought of this idea? Why? Because its a good idea?
  5. We waiting to the release. When will be complete this mod?
  6. Uthil, can you replace the old skyboxs for a newer, like Pandaria skyboxs?