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  1. So how should I go about it? 010 Editor? Rebuild with Blender? Some kind of tool? What is the best way?
  2. Working on a custom Legion conversion to classic, but somehow my blender fails to import some .m2i files Do I need to use a newer Blender + Plugin setup for opening Legion .m2i files? (used m2mod 4.8.13 + Blender 2.73 + 1.2 m2i plugins for 2.73)
  3. Is there a guide how to use this? I am trying to convert Legion player character model to WotLK
  4. Getting the same error with a reshape mod by moogan, although mine turn teal and spasm out because I already have the WoD models from Legion installed on 3.3.5a. Without them I get the same error as you.
  5. Okay, I will get 2.78 then and install the scripts from your archive. Hrm... maybe something is wrong with my python. I will reinstall it now. By the way which version do you use? EDIT: Used the Blender 2.78 setup with updated python, still same error. I don't know why this keeps happening no matter what I do.
  6. I get this error every time I try to import an .m2i No difference between your file and mine, so I guess there is actually something wrong with my setup. If it works for you, maybe you could also send me your blender setup?
  7. That makes sense I guess... could you upload the files that worked for you? I'm using Blender 2.77/2.79 and using the M2Mod you linked of course.
  8. WOW! Seems to have worked, trying blender import now... Nope, error in blender when importing .m2i Here are the base .m2 and converted .m2i with .skin:!k101yJYb!IuEXK2e9g145EleMMvfY6YsYtQr7w4IEVGmV9gqWLMo
  9. human female ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *cough cough* Update: Trying 7.0 now Doesn't work either, although not with fatal error
  10. No worries, I am still at the .m2 -> .m2i part EDIT: By the way, nice instant messaging plugin on this site
  11. " Open the folder with M2mod 4.6 and launch M2ModRedux.exe. " I don't get you man, first you say 4.6 now 4.5 Will try Update: Woops, same error
  12. Why? I did everything correctly, good on you - your program doesn't work :0