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  1. What you need: Blender ObjtoM2 010 Editor You need to Replace the given m2 Humanmale, this will add the 15 Attachpoints. Since Attachments are always calculated in addition to the 0xyz Point, if you open a standart wow helmet the Helmet is near the 0 point and if the Bone value Z axis is 1 the Helmet is automaticly placed up on the Head if you would add the helmet on the Head of the Source Model, the Helmet will appear at 2z axis and is double calculated which brings you to the weird Placements Outside of the Model. I tried to set a Attach position to 0xyz and it worked the Edited meshes will always appear on the right spot. To avoid weird original Placements you just need to Add Attach Points trough 010 Editor as an example ive added 15 new Attach Points that are connected to specific bones and start at 0xyz: 55.Head 56.Chest 57.UpperArmRight 58.UpperArmLeft 59.LowerArmRight 60.LowerArmLeft 61.RightHand 62.LeftHand 63.Pelvis 64.UpperLegRight 65.UpperLegLeft 66.LowerLegRight 67.LowerLegLeft 68.FootRight 69.FootLeft The ID of the Attachpoints are: 41-55 in same order Head is 41 and Footleft is 55 The downsides every Race need those 15 extra Attachments, but you can avoid some extra armor creation since they are the same bones for every Race, like nightelf could use Human_M Armor. Ill try to calculate some Positions to actually only edit Humanmale and fit it on Gnome, Dwarf and Nightelf and other Races. TUTORIAL VIDEO: Wildstar Set to WoW: