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    Pictures of the Project.
  2. Unity Terrain Editor is awesome using that instead of the Blender ones, but in combination its even better. Just Generate Alphas for your Stamp tools out of all the wow .adts search some Mountains rocks that you like use the Alphagen in the Scene and import it into Unity.
  3. This is a Terrain Generation Scene for Blender, it has a precreated Material Scene to create Alphamaps and the original ADT Size. Using A.N.T. to generate a great Terrain shape and a specific Material to generate Alphamaps, for the m2´s i use a wmo with an doodad set that were randomly placed with the hair particles and place it somewhere under the terrain. Using WoW blender studio 2.8: Mouse Clicks, Background Sound are still in, i just merged 3 records together without any edits.
  4. Version 0.0.2


    A Blender Scene with an Alphamap Generator and the Original ADT Size. USED ADDONS BLENDER: A.N.T. Official Blender Addon, WoW Blender Studio, UNITY: Terrain Tools Unity works extremely well with the Terrain Generation using the 2019 Version in combination with the Terrain Tools and a Terrain Export Script and the Alpha Generator from Blender you can take any terrain shape from any Expansion and print it into a Unity Terrain aswell Texturing. The Terrain inside the Grid is 1 ADT. To get the Raw data out of the Terrain, on the top you can export the Terrain as .OBJ and with the Terrain Tools under the Menu Asset/Terrain Tool you can export your texture Layers as RGB the PNG is in a weird format, open it with your favourite Image Editor and Seperate the Image by Color, RGB and there are now the 3 Texture Layers-> Desaturate them and theyre ready to use for FUTA. To Convert the Terrain to an ADT use the ObjtoADT: OBJtoADT
  5. Version 0.1


    This are all the Plants that Wildstar(MADE BY NCSOFT/CARBINE STUDIOS) offer. This Version is not FINAL, please send me information about some plants that need collision and which dont need out of your sight. write the Number from the plant to me and i will fix them Thanks to Alastor, Soldan and Skarn and all other people for helping me out on some problems that i crossed Follow my progress on : Wildstar-port progress Discord: AgeofHocKA#2112
  6. The Prop is a folder that contains all the M3 Props that would be M2 for the WoW Files (Trees, stones, plants). Seperate them by Multi-Text and Single-Text to actually do the methods for each of them. Plants and bushes should contain no Collision and Twosided planes, Trees or other with more than one textures will be ported later to actually make one Submesh "leaves" without collision and the "Stump" with collision to avoid stucking in the trees while flying. Starting with the Prop/Nature Folder, it contains all environment props: DONE: Bushes Plants WIP: Stones Bones Flowers Egg
  7. Version 0.1


    This are all the Bushes that Wildstar(MADE BY NCSOFT/CARBINE STUDIOS) offer. if you need specific collision for a Bush, write @Dscord. Write me if you find any Texture Bugs, Model bugs: Thanks to Alastor, Soldan and Skarn and all other people for helping me out on some problems that i crossed Follow my progress on : Wildstar-port progress Discord: AgeofHocKA#2112
  8. Version 0.1


    This are all the Tilesets that Wildstar(MADE BY NCSOFT/CARBINE STUDIOS) offer. CLUTTERS WIP coming in the next versions. Write me if you find any Texture Bugs: Follow my progress on : Wildstar-port progress Discord: AgeofHocKA#2112
  9. What you need: Blender ObjtoM2 010 Editor You need to Replace the given m2 Humanmale, this will add the 15 Attachpoints. Since Attachments are always calculated in addition to the 0xyz Point, if you open a standart wow helmet the Helmet is near the 0 point and if the Bone value Z axis is 1 the Helmet is automaticly placed up on the Head if you would add the helmet on the Head of the Source Model, the Helmet will appear at 2z axis and is double calculated which brings you to the weird Placements Outside of the Model. I tried to set a Attach position to 0xyz and it worked the Edited meshes will always appear on the right spot. To avoid weird original Placements you just need to Add Attach Points trough 010 Editor as an example ive added 15 new Attach Points that are connected to specific bones and start at 0xyz: 55.Head 56.Chest 57.UpperArmRight 58.UpperArmLeft 59.LowerArmRight 60.LowerArmLeft 61.RightHand 62.LeftHand 63.Pelvis 64.UpperLegRight 65.UpperLegLeft 66.LowerLegRight 67.LowerLegLeft 68.FootRight 69.FootLeft The ID of the Attachpoints are: 41-55 in same order Head is 41 and Footleft is 55 The downsides every Race need those 15 extra Attachments, but you can avoid some extra armor creation since they are the same bones for every Race, like nightelf could use Human_M Armor. Ill try to calculate some Positions to actually only edit Humanmale and fit it on Gnome, Dwarf and Nightelf and other Races. TUTORIAL VIDEO: Wildstar Set to WoW: