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  1. Looking forward to it! My Discord is Reborn#1315.
  2. Intro: Greetings all, my name is Reborn, and I am the co-owner of an upcoming completely custom private server. We seek to emulate Blizzard quality in our content, but have completely changed virtually all aspects of the world. Changes include: Completely custom zones, lore, dungeons, raids, and combat. Why I am here: Our server is nearing completion, and we are in desperate need of talented Loremasters/Quest writers. Requirements: - Fluency in the English language. - Substantial knowledge of Warcraft lore. - Enthusiasm towards our server and willingness to work. I do not expect anyone to work for free, and as such, am offering monetary compensation. If you are interested in working with us and would like more information on the server/pay, please feel free to contact me or my main developer Peacy. Discord: - Reborn#1315 - Peacy#7989