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  1. Alright so i want to create a server in which i only want humans and like 3 or 4 classes only though i really have no knowledge in this kind of thing because am just a world builder with little dbc and sql knowledge so if you know how to make them invisible tell me i dont want it to look gray as disabled just invisible so if anyone knows how please leave a comment saying how or link a thread that explains how to do so
  2. looks like a nice project man i just feel like u need some improvement you should watch some videos from amaroth or if ou need a hand message me on skype :NeverTheVoid anyway looks good overall you just need to work on the decorations textures and the level of the land it looks way too flat
  3. NeverTheVoid


    it would be awesome if you finished this or release this i would probably pick up where you left off this has a lot of potential great work man
  4. NeverTheVoid


    Deleted. didnt read
  5. what did you do to get the sky and the darkness on the map? please tell me i need to know