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  1. Thanks Yes there are other tools like AntRenamer but i love to use it as its freeware
  2. Hello my friends. It's a very simple thing and i think a lot of you have better way's to downport stuff but i renamed 59k files today and saved my process files for it so without any big "blabla" What it does: it renames all endings of helmet m2 and skin files from be_f to bef for example. ofc with all races. You need: Ant Renamer Step-by-Step: 1. Open AntRenamer 2. Add your folder 3. Go to Actions Tab. 4. Press STRG + O (CTRL + O) 5. Open Select the File i've uploaded. 6. Press Go Helmet Renamer.arb
    I like what you do. For the particles of the sl mounts us txid fix! Its a good solution for your actual problems with the mounts! txid -> multiconverter->mpq :) thanks for sharing
  3. sry mister „i dont trust him but i did it“ but i dont share with you thats true in case that youre gonna talk in that way
    I realy love it but have so many models missing. I'm new in this and got fixxed the tileset already but someone need to help me out with that. Währe froh wenn du mir helfen könntest danke für dein Release!
  4. Hey guys as the title is Named i wanna port all the spells for the Cloaks of Pandarian Legendary Questline. I wanna make them 100% functional for WoTLK. Ofc im gonna Share all my work with you guy's and its not just for own use. Im looking for people that are so nice and help me with the stuff i need for that. I realy know a lot about Retroporting when it's about items but spells is something totaly new for me. If someone wanna Join me on my Project and maybe give me some hints what i need that i dont forget anything, pls write here or on Discord: Sven#6955 Thats what where Talking about! Everyone is welcome!
  5. okay now it looks like this Should be Blue not green. I already checked the ParticleColor.dbc but the head doesnt even have a ID EDIT: Forgot the particlecolor ID in DBC fixxed!!!
  6. yes i took the m2's now from legion and now i found the particles too! Thanks for your fast answer
  7. hey i wanted to port the MoP sets of the challengers and i had a problem with the particles atht the Paladin armor!! Looks like this: Should look like this: As you can see it affects the shoulders and the head! I looked all the way trough the Files and i cant find any hint to the particle files! Files: lshoulder_plate_challengepaladin_d_01.m2 rshoulder_plate_challengepaladin_d_01.m2 i dont forgot to add the head because i think for all the items its the same problem and same particle. and maybe if someone already checked this out i have also Problem with the 3d Belt Can someone maybe help me out with that? My discord is Sven#6955 Thanks.
  8. Can someone please share the CSV line for the spell?