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  1. also known as "char magic"
  2. hmmm, this is weird, recheck the path, you can also see in soundentries.dbc
  3. This music can be stored in multiple patches, see in the latest. wow use a replacement in the file reading by patch number, if you add a file to for example patch-6, all simillar files(the same name&path) will be ignored in the favor of the latter but if you add the same file to patch-7. this file from 6 also will be ignored. better to create own patch, and do not touch original MPQs
  4. i'm glad, that this method is work for you Смердокрыл On winows 10, if you trying to extract m2>m2i via 4.5, blender(2.7 and 2.6) can not load these m2i correctly, only skeleton\attachments, but without mesh + python error 4,6 redux on win10(and maybe 8?) can not import m2i to m2, even if you do this with clear like extract m2 human male from MPQ > m2>m2i>m2 = simillar error: probably this method is not required for windows 7, should be cheked and added to the tutorial as "update" this way is confirmed for: Cataclysm Mists of Pandaria Warlords of draenor For legion: Not supported for: *but still can be used in some cases Wrath of the lich king(for this you can use 4.0.6 cata models with Downgrade after the editing) Burning crusade(you can convert downgraded wotlk model to BC via Koward's converter) Vanilla - I do not know any ways to build a custom model for 1.X, Koward can knows more. ------------- for warlods of draenor in theory can be used only 4.6 redux (import and export) - but this is not checked yet, i can not do this.
  5. missing portals. To Skarn for more info.
  6. out of curiosity and noob question(just never studied this issue before): since 3.0.2 all new maps > big alpha? include cata continents and next?
  7. most likely in the near future, I will no more publish screenshots. Mc-net is a forum "from modders and for modders". Any publish content from Otherlands - harms to my project. It's kind of a spoiler. And there is always the risk of mass distribution "what is this, where i can play?" - i do not need these questions. why, then, did I? Well... as I already said, "for modders". WoW modding shrinks like an old tree that stopped watering. i thought my screenshots be at least a drop of water... so it was. But it does not contribute to growth of any modding.
    Some of the custom wowdev projects - never publish their work. and it's the right decision, which will follow soon, and i'm including.
    However, i'm still here on the MC-net, in this respect nothing will change. I will always be happy to help information or advice. Thanks for reading.

    1. bfx


      That's a great shame :(, your work was always a thrill to see. Thanks for showing what's possible if you have the knowledge/skill to do so.

    2. Poisonleaf


      I know the feeling mate, There always a risk to exposing your work.
      I do also keep things to myself but don't forget there is a line between to much exposure and generating feedback and inspiration between a modding community. I always loved watching your progress and it worked as an inspirational boost for me. Pretty sure it did the same for alot of people.

  8. Game of Void reward - leather.
  9. m2: bones> rotations\translations animations>
  10. Game of Void reward - mail.
  11. Game of Void reward - plate. no, this is only helmet, without any sets.
  12. well, ingame it looks like....shit? different wow engine just doesn't have shaders from maya\3dsmax. Oh you... war3 heritage. This is from 2001. whats next? Minor finish tests with this door and sound events(open\close), then: Living shadows minor and big to wow. The void will be made later.
  13. special wall, you must report to Void, that you want to start the game. [I have known with rules and is ready to enter.] And then this wall disappear, letting you into the room.
  14. first convert, but WMV uses the wrong rendering with "backface culling" - yeah, this is used by blizzard only since cata+ and doesn't support correctly in WMV for wotlk. But it support by client - confirmed. Updated, ingame: next> sounds and event objects
  15. If you are going to do their own project without a server, even free (never seen before) server, can not help you, sorry. Join to one of the existing projects, or find a guys who want to do some stuff, and can pay for this, like private servers in Russia or EU\NA.
  16. Okay, let's imagine that MDL > m2 will be created. How many peoples knows mdlvis and use it today in wow modding to create own models or animations? most likely 1-2 modders(include me). About sumbeshes(skin param) and Texture Units - this is easy. I know that my english is so bad sometimes, but this is no reason to not ask me in skype. I always can help. (with the Weightless m2) - with one skin. Yes, i'm not a programmer, anyway. about the MDLvis comparison: this is void_beholder "attack unarmed" quality: 6\10 (vanilla like) Time: 5 hours of work ---------- in maya i can do the same by 5 mins with 9\10 quality, probably the same can be done in a blender and 3dsmax. MDLvis is a very hardcore editor, my experience here 8 years, because i relatively well do animations. this is impossible level for beginers. (already confirmed many times since 2011) mdl\mdx is a bad format for "future" m2 converter. Only as research stage. \ but I'm not going to pretend like I do not understand - what you had in mind.
  17. maya have a open-source MA(maya ascii) with full documentation from autodesk, it's just not interesting here. Modeler in wow modding look like white crow, mostly level design and some converts
  18. oh, this is MDLvis (synonym of crap), better learn animation for unity or unreal engine from maya\3dsmax\Cinema4D
  19. yes, "forced" decision, the same. "Vellear or....? we do not have other choices"
  20. well, I advise you to try to draw more complicated arts, or drop this and move to 3d(modelling + uv mapping(PSD network) Usually combine 3d and 2d experience rather complex undertaking. Such things do not find understanding among the major game developers. In addition, at one point you will reach quite good skill. And "double profile" will start to keep you in one place. Yes, in some rare case you can combine 2d and 3d, like freelance-rendering. However, it is a professional industry. Now I just suffer due to: Game design VS level design VS 3d artist my teammate Konstantin said me - select something one! Otherlands(our wow project) should be your last work with these "universal soldier"
  21. first anim from void_beholder: 46 animated bones, *crazy* next anim list: walk\run combat ready unarmed attack unarmed (from left side) attack unarmed (from right side) combat critical hit Death Cast ready (omni&directed&Channel) Cast
  22. void beholder textured. original texture size> 2048x2048(will be reduced to 1024) used free plugin (FlamingPear) with the "solidify B" next step > convert it to mdlvis and animate! --------------------------- where do you plan to use it? -------- Update: backface contour
  23. "void beholder", early alpha and small progress(allow to convert and animate) with the shadows:
  24. Common sphere(Ring one) Uncommon sphere(Ring two) Rare sphere(Ring three) Epic sphere(Ring Four) Legendary sphere(ring Five - center, and the end of the game of void) and the "bonus" spheres with the keys: each sphere supports animations: open, opened, closed, close, stand. next >>> two custom creatures: Shadow Shadow behemoth ------------- then: The Void - Very powerfull dark mage. Creator of the "Game of void" and future raid boss for open beta++ stage