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  1. I just tried this now and sadly it also did not work. Stuck in a bit of rut with it right now. If I have the skin on another race and morph into the desired race using .morph it works - but of course that isn't optimal.
  2. Thanks for the help but I tried this and still seem to have no luck. I've tried to change only the draenei for now to see if I can get it to work. I have tried to set them all to 19, 17, 3 and 1. All that happens is the DK skins become active and this blank skin is there. I have tried to set it in the datbase to Skin 17 etc, but then it just retruns to default skins and DCs me for having wrong appearance values.
  3. Hi I'm running an 8.0.1 repack and trying to enable certain hidden/npc only skins for players to be able to use. Mainly I am trying to get the draenei eredar/demon skin. I have managed to get some skins in the game to work by changing the flags to 19 in CharSections.db2, but many are still missing such as the eredar skin for draenei and flame druid for night elf. According to WoWmodelviewer and the like, this skin value is 17, on race 11 (draenei). I came across an old thread which stated to change the M_id row, but it didn't seem to work (or I didn't get it right), but here is a screeenshot of what it kind of looks like now: Any help at all in what to do here to enable these skins would be appriciated.