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  1. Noggit(1.12.1 water) and m2 editor with camera/lights/particles/anim support
  2. You wanna say blizz allow changing files nowaday? huh? Or you can connect blizz servers with your custom casc-server data?
  3. You can't do anything with official servers now. It's possible only if you start your own server with your own casc-host.
  4. m2 Camera/Lights is missing.
  5. Noggit and m2/wmo editor(3dx/blender/any converter) for 1.12.1
  6. I think, thats not UI based issue. Looks like you should do some reverseengineering into your WoW.exe with 010editor to do this. So yes, its ALMOST impossible.
  7. Ah =( Was looking for years for ADT converter vanilla>wotlk and back.
  8. Hey! Noticed that you have some ADTConveter tree in your repository. Interesting what is it?
  9. I knew a guy(Elysium server), who changed textures for floor in C'Thun's room and made "hole" into AQ40, that allows to enter C'thun encounter in less than minute. He was banned few minutes after login, even before he moved to AQ40. So, Warden works pretty good, even for 1.12.1 clients... At least, how I understand its methods: server knows signatures of ALLOWED mpqs(and other files), so any non-listed mpqs will result in ban. Also I remember some posts from Nostalrius where players asked GMs to add improved models mpq to allowed mods. P.S. Nostalrius: How about cheats ? Blizzard Warden has been implemented (yes, it's the retail anti-cheat system), with the checks against the latest known cheats. The main thing is that this system can theoretically detect any cheat (from MPQ/DBC modifications, to packets modification, including memory modification and proc detour ...).
  10. " at least at normal server that are using Warden " Is there any normal russian servers? I doubt no.
  11. Im not pro in scripting. But there is a old post(2013) from dev: "Warden for MaNGOSzero can be found here. But be aware that this branch is outdated and warden itself is incomplete. So far it is able to check .dll, .mpq and LUA String signatures. Everything else is not developed yet." Mean, that if you changed .mpq the signatures will differ=ban. Thats was in 2013. Now its far more completed for sure.
  12. Not sure are you trolling or no... If you're not trolling: You'll gonna be banned by Warden. Since server is know what files your client is using. So you can't use even custom stairs or terrain changes w/o being banned(at least at normal server that are using Warden). So yeah, cheating is impossible nowadays. Well, in theory thats still possible if you'll gonna catch packets that are ongoing from your client and edit it, but trust me, thats much more harder that anything else, thats req so much knowledge and skill, that I'm not even sure anyone here have enough knowledge for that.
  13. You need to edit EACH in game m2(with lightss) I think. I suggest you just get a bit lighter DarkerNights_mod.