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  1. That makes it ten times as complicated. You might be able to get away with a modification in SpellInfo.cpp only: // corpseOwner and unit specific target checks if (HasAttribute(SPELL_ATTR3_ONLY_TARGET_PLAYERS) && unitTarget->GetTypeId() != TYPEID_PLAYER) return SPELL_FAILED_TARGET_NOT_PLAYER; to // corpseOwner and unit specific target checks if (HasAttribute(SPELL_ATTR3_ONLY_TARGET_PLAYERS) && unitTarget->GetTypeId() != TYPEID_PLAYER && caster->GetTypeId() != TYPEID_PLAYER) return SPELL_FAILED_TARGET_NOT_PLAYER; My concern is there is still the snippet in Spell.cpp which might be able to be bypassed just by commenting it out, the lines if (m_spellInfo->HasAttribute(SPELL_ATTR3_ONLY_TARGET_PLAYERS)) retMask &= GRID_MAP_TYPE_MASK_CORPSE | GRID_MAP_TYPE_MASK_PLAYER;
  2. I feel like I should add a warning about that kind of change. You are opening up the possibility for unintended behaviour, such as a creature being treated as a player (with stats, items, titles, achievements). Because such things don't exist for creatures it may lead to various server crashes. Saying that, it's unlikely. I'm more than confident that Blizzard has occasionally missed player only target attributes for spells that modify player character properties and so TrinityCore has probably built in safety nets for each.
  3. Try searching your core files for SPELL_ATTR3_ONLY_TARGET_PLAYERS.
  4. In the Hotfixes database, to modify the name, description and price of the item you want to recreate the item in the table "Item_Sparse". You will then need to add the ID of that item and the Hash of Item_Sparse to the table "Hotfix_Data".
  5. Sorry, it's just me suggesting that. I've never touched Noggit so I wouldn't know if it's capable of fixing this issue.
  6. There isn't a WoW 1.123. Can you give the build number? It should be a 4 to 5 digit number in the bottom left of the account login screen.
  7. Core behaviour issue / something wrong with the vehicle you've made. I don't have an issue like that, I'm afraid.
  8. This is far from a tutorial but telling you what is probably involved in the ordeal: #1: Server Edits You need to edit your server core to recognise that there are additional player-based races. Probably something like 'SharedDefines.h' which appears in both Mangos and TrinityCore. #2: DBC Edits The following DBCs will need to be distributed to players & server, more than likely: The actual race existing: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/ChrRaces Class options for given race: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CharBaseInfo Textures linked to race: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CharacterFacialHairStyles Textures linked to race: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CharComponentTextureLayouts Textures linked to race: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CharComponentTextureSections Textures linked to race: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CharHairGeosets Linking textures to appearance customisation: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CharSections Skill mechanics: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/SkillLineAbility More skill mechanics: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/SkillRaceClassInfo Supposedly you'd have a faction? This was recommended but I don't see the use of it: https://wowdev.wiki/DB/Faction #3: Interface Edits ...Yeah, you're on your own on this, but you'd need to add additional GUI elements to the character creation screen and modify the current appearance of it to fit goblin and high elf into the character selection list. I found a post on ModCraft by googling "[TUTORIAL] Add a new race Warcraft" so have a look at that. It will probably shed far more light and be a better tutorial.
  9. Well, also note that the 400B indicates how many characters are in the m2 table. Because you're adding 20 characters in my example below (spells/errorcube.m2), you want to change it to 540B. Hopefully the following will work: Replace 40 0B 00 00 00 77 with 54 0B 00 00 73 70 65 6C 6C 73 2F 65 72 72 6F 72 63 75 62 65 2E 6D 32 0A 00 77 This "character count" is also why you were getting errors when you changed the total characters being loaded.
  10. Unfortunately your guess is as good as mine at this point. You get the opportunity to experiment with this stuff and find out. My suggestion is to look at entries in the VehicleSeat/Vehicle.dbc that has data in those cells - and then see what their in game version looks like & does. The carriage turning left while the horses turn right is actually - as from what I see in game - the horses going straight on and adjusting while the harness itself turns left. That's unfortunately simple mechanics about the steering mechanism being the centre/back, not the front.
  11. It's an object which uses a non-existing model. In your situation I would open up the ADT directly with a Hex Viewer and see if any of the object names in the table are invalid - and for you to then correct it to something that IS valid. It should show up in Noggit then.
  12. I don't know if you can make it so vehicle seat 2 or 3 or beyond can control the vehicle, hence I said "the harness is the main vehicle, not the horses. I think you might need to switch it around so the horses are." To allow someone to eject from a seat you probably need to add entries to VehicleUIIndSeat to bring up the relevant interface options. Try /script VehicleExit(); to see if it lets you get out of it without the interface, and if it does, then you need to sort out the button.
  13. Which version of WoD? CASC Patches are literally extracted MPQ patches. Simply have the following folder structure in your World of Warcraft folder: world/wmo/……… Chances are however you'll need to add these files to filedata.db2. This is not possible in Legion and I think ends up disabled in the last patches of WoD (6.2.4) but I might be wrong.
  14. Wintergrasp Siege Engine has the behaviour you're wanting. It has the drivable element and then it also has the cannon element which is a vehicle NPC mounted onto the Siege Engine. I'd start by looking at how they work. I must say though, I've been trying to make it work too and haven't had much time to invest into it - no luck yet either. However... this is slightly different because the harness is the main vehicle, not the horses. I think you might need to switch it around so the horses are.