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  1. The Last Pic looks awesome, is this 1 whole M2 or did you build this yourself? Also which one is it
  2. Well they dont work with your converter, or im doing something wrong. freshly exported, with ALL M2s and BLps, the needed Skin and BLP files for the M2s including, everything converted with your converter. An empty Map, just 1 WMO and a patch containing that map, the map.dbc, the wmo and all needed files. Im always getting a D11 Crash with your converted.. Map: Crash: Could you please help me with this? The Model im using here is World\WMO\Draenor\Human\6hu_barracks_pvp.wmo
  3. Awesome, will you build a converted for WOD Garnision Buildings infuture? They are missing specific Chunks if i did understand this right
  4. This doesnt sound that good So there is a converter for it?
  5. Could you create a small tutorial out of it? I found the ABOM / MOBA Tag inside the 000-0XX.wmo files, but im not sure what to change here
  6. OMG Awesome, could you tell us how you fixed the Legion WMO Texture Bug? It always looks like this: if i try to do it ( Converted the Ship so you can see the difference ) Greetings Noones
  7. Skarn i love your folder / file sorting, did you do that with Raindrop or another tool?
  8. Noones


    Playing around with Wod and Legion models. Keep in mind that im not the best mapper Greetings Noones
  9. Fixed: If somebody else expierences this errors, the M2 Converter couldnt convert a few GENERICS Objects, which caused the crash in Noggit and Modelviewer. Adspartan updated his converter and it is now working 100%: Greetings Noones
  10. Oh my God, that Worked! Thank you so much!
  11. Thanks! i tried Beanbag01-04, no one of them work Edit: When i open BBQ_01.M2 with 010 Editor and using the Template on it im getting the following error: ( the error is the same, before and after using your converter ) Also im getting the same Error with every file in the GENERIC Folder inside World.
  12. Could you try it yourself with : World\Generic\Goblin\PassiveDoodads\BBQ\Goblin_BBQ_01.M2 + 0100 SKIN? i tried all your Converters, tried different online storages, but each time convert it with your converter modelviewer crashes. I tried it with WOD Models etc, the "last modified" date changes on them, but not on the GENERIC\GOBLIN files ( which i need for an wmo ). Is there a possibility to get a log file out of your converter? Greetings Noones
  13. This Version just gets Greyed out and keeps loading, screenshot: Maybe im just too stupid for it
  14. i redownloaded it and got the same Problem. Example: World\Generic\goblin\passivedoodads\goblinmachinery\goblinweathervane.m2+ skin or World\Generic\Goblin\PassiveDoodads\BBQ\Goblin_BBQ_01.m2 i extracted both from CASC, opened your converter - dragged them in - pressed Fix ( The last modified date didnt change ) When i try to open them with Modelviewer ( Custom Patch ) i get this error: 20:03:20: Loading model: World\Generic\goblin\passivedoodads\goblinmachinery\goblinweathervane.m2 20:03:20: Error: Invalid model nameOfs=272/304! May be corrupted. I also opened the M2s in 010 Editor, both got version 272. Note: i also extracted all the needing BLP Files. Greetings Noones