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  1. Hello there ! want to know if there is a tutorial to creat a 4th talent tab inside each class to make 1 spec custom . I know how to creat new spell and talent, but i don't know how to add a 4th talent tree blank. If someone had a tutorial or something ! Thank you very much
  2. I found the bugg, it was a invisible gameobject on noggit that was phasing the monster. i just had t delete that !
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm actually working on a full custom private server with custom achievement , maps and dungeon with noggit ( done ) and i'm actually looking to put some custom set inside the server. Just got 2 question, do i only have to use '' ItemSet.dbc and Item_set_name ? i have try but nothing happen in game or i have to modify / add new row in other dbc / template ? thanks for the help !
  4. Salut et merci beaucoup pour le tuto vraiment génial ! Juste une petite erreur que j'arrive vraiment pas a comprendre ou je fais faux, sachant que j'ai suivis ta video a la lettre pour la modif du category.dbc . Une fois en jeu la catégorie apparait mais il n'y a plus aucune écriture comme sur le screen sais-tu quel est mon erreur ? Merci !
  5. Hi, no it doesn't work beacause i have some dungeon with complete WMO and the AI fall off
  6. Hello everyone, i making a custom private server expansion with custom new zones and new dungeon, but i have a problem, for the dungeon i have take a old dungeon , example : Occulus and i have delete all wmo / m2 etc. and make my own. but when i go in game and put some monster they go undermap from my m2, any issue ? thank you !
  7. got it it was a name patch error inside my wow.
  8. Hi everyone, i'm working on a custom project with noggit, i'm using noggit 3.2614 and Wildstar tileset, i didn't touch anything but when i came back to finish my work all texture turn to green and black square, and noggit can't find anymore the wildstar texture, i have look inside my WOW the patch is always here, i have try to put into a fresh 3.3.5 download, but did same. any idea ? thanks for help !
  9. Hello, everyone ! I just add recently all tileset and m2 from cata to BFa inside my noggit, but i just got a small problem that i can't find why it doesn't work. So i have all my MPQ patch inside my data folder. I have upload it on noggit, the texture work perfectly but when i want to spawn a M2 object, it says that he can't find. here is some screenshot to show. Thank you for your help !
  10. cherix

    Adding new tileset ?

    Ho okey i see thank you very much !
  11. Hello everyone, i'm actually working on a new project with some friends. I have see that there is some Shadowlands alpha tileset available. but want to know how it work to put in noggit ? do i only have to extract ''Tileset'' in noggit ? try that but not working, or i have to creat a specific folder ? Thanks for help !
  12. cherix

    Noggit custom map

    Hello everyone, so i'm back on noggit for a new project with a friend, i want to do some custom content with noggit, i have creat 2 custom map, i can see it in noggit but i can't see the square to click on it to load the map => Thanks for help !