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  1. cherix

    Noggit custom map

    Hello everyone, so i'm back on noggit for a new project with a friend, i want to do some custom content with noggit, i have creat 2 custom map, i can see it in noggit but i can't see the square to click on it to load the map => Thanks for help !
  2. any suggestion ?? cause i can't work anymore...
  3. Hello everyone i'm actually mapping one of my custom map expansion, but i have a weird thing that appear on my noggit, i was spawning some hut and bridge after finishing my forest , but when i was CTRL + V to past my object it doesn't work O_o ? but 5min ago it works perfectly i use WMV to see model and put in ''import.txt'' but i don't know why i can't put more m2/wmo in my map there is the log and a screenshot log.txt
  4. thanks i see 0x004057FB read 0x00000004 [paragraph:le2y8hz4]The server sent you to an invalid map id. The client just finished transfering you there and failed getting the internal name of the map in order to load the ADTs, as the map DBC entry does not exist in your client. gonna try to repair that thanks
  5. oops excuse me i put the import.txt ( wrong thing excuse me )
  6. Hello everyone, i just got a small problem but i don't understand what is wrong with it. So i have create a custom map in noggit for a new expansion for my wow 3.3.5, now i just want to see in game i got a wow error on loading screen when tele to my map. I have look 3-4 time to see if i got 4 texture on all square on the map because i know that can be a problem if we didn't got 4 texture per square, but i got crash i don't really know why, it's a really big map ( 17 per 17 ) but i have only use like 5-6 square for my first area.
  7. i solve my problem it's good thank you it was a folder missing
  8. i have rename my map but can't see it in noggit.hmm i really don't understand why it doesn't work
  9. Hi Poisonleaf , yes i have put in a patch MPQ = DBFilesClient and in my map.dbc, but can't see in noggit
  10. Hello, everyone, i'm trying to make a new custom map in noggit for my custom expansion, i have read the tutorial from Skarn perfectly but i can't find my map in noggit, there is some screenshot to show what i have done