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  1. Is there some way to downport GroundEffectDoodad.db2 from BfA to wotlk?
  2. But if u want play in server with big russian online and using some patches, it is really useful.
  3. Lol, one of the most popular russian wotlk servers doesn`t give a fuck about, for exmple, patch that replaced model of fire to model of endless stairs.
  4. Create some platform in blender with animation like moving up-down and then port this model to m2. Put it into your client and place it using noggit in location you need.
  5. You can create m2 working as elevator and then place it wherever you want.
  6. Is there some way to downport players head turn to selected NPC from Legion to 3.3.5a? Cause I couldn`t even found DB2, which is responsible for this.
  7. I just imported wmo into new blender file, export it again and its works in noggit. Mheh.
  8. I don't think so, cause when I deleted draenor doodads, it still crushing, but the older version of this building with default wotkl doodads worked perfectly.
  9. Yep, but it is ready to export. Here is already exported townbuilding.wmo townbuilding_000.wmo townbuilding_001.wmo
  10. I reported the issue, and here is my WMO. townbuilding.blend townbuilding.blend1
  11. So, I created WMO using Skarn blender addon, it greatly works in WMV, but when I'm trying to port it from text file to Noggit, Noggit crashes with this log. To the information, as some of dooadsets I used models ported by Adspartan's converter. I know that they caused this problem, but there is some way to fix it? UPD Problem caused not by dooadsets, I delete them, but noggit still crushes