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  1. Necessity is the mother of invention, it's what i have been doing since i stopped modding 335a and started learning to code. Now winter is upon me again i have been seriously looking at the server tech that runs nostalrius (hoping they release it soon) and all my attention now involves using UE4 to implement a very basic vanilla Wow client using nost server software to run in a private setting to reverse Wow assets to load in unreal 4. With so much information that has come from reversing Wow clients and so many amazing people dedicating time to modding blizzards stuff, a new client at least working with the basic functionality of vanilla Wow can be done, we don't have to hack the shit out blizzards clients, we can create our own client now and move forward from there!.. at least that what i'm trying and even now i have basic stuff loading and i'm getting excited about the possibilities. I spent so much time trying to mod beyond 335a and having so many client crashes this new project with UE4 feels much more satisfying to me.
  2. megamoocow

    R.I.P. Zim4ik

    Sad to hear a fellow modder is gone, if i use any of his work i will put his name to it. RIP Zim!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I have taken fresh ADT's and injected the Heightmaps from Cataclysm Darkmoon Faire Island and created a generic island template. This comes with no models and works in WoTLK 335a stock and Noggit. I have also included allwater.exe and the batch file encase you want to modify ocean type and levels for any of your maps. I will be adding more of these (I hope) as time permits. Enjoy!
  4. Try pointing the noggit project directory to "335aNoggitClient/Data/patch-4" you want noggit to save to patch-4 directory. if you applied the wow.exe hack right wow should read patch-4 directory just like an MPQ archive. Now that you have that done in patch-4 directory create folders "world\maps\azeroth2" now add your "DBFilesClient" directory with map.dbc in there as well. now in your 335aNoggitClient/Data create a new MPQ called patch-5 and add all of the patch-4 directory files to it, then fire up noggit. something else you have to actually name the directory in data patch-4.mpq it can't be just "patch-4 wow won't read it.
  5. to much work just use the attached file, to use just drop the modified adt's on to the exe all will work
  6. Version 1.0.0


    If you do a ton of blizzard map edits and find yourself stuck in the sky this little tool i found will fix it. just drag the modified ADT's to the execute and it will fix the problem. All credits to the creator who name slips me right now. ENJOY
  7. this may be true it's only a little annoying considering with all the fixes that has made world building so much better it's an ok trade off. maybe it has something to do with filters.txt file? i will tinker with stuff see what happens.
  8. Amazing update works great, i just need to know why i can't pull all my tilesets up? it only grabs the tileset for the current maps im working on. probally just a noob move from me so anyone knows let me know
  9. Amazing work Devs woooooooot!!!
  10. We have many random tools that do a few thing's that we need done, but before we start wanting new tools (which would be nice don't get me wrong!) i want to see Nogg-it get finished. I would love to see a team get on that tool and fix it and get it as bug free and feature complete as possible! heck put some of the WMV stuff in it so we can preview models right from the MPQ! also allow import/export of adt's a built in light mapper so we can place light's! If we could get as many as 5 good coders on that tool, they would be heros of the WOW modding world, but it seems people get fired up about some new world making tool then when that dies we are all back to Nogg-it again. Anyways fix/improve good ol Nogg-it!
  11. 1. Write down the bad ADTs that crash Nogg-it 2. Remove those bad ADTs from the map directory you have Quel'thalas ADTs 3. Copy some random ADTs from the same map that doesn't crash Nogg-it then rename them the same as the bad ones you wrote down above 4. Load Nogg-it go where the crash happens, see if Nogg-it stays working. If that fails then something is corrupted maybe the MPQ you got the ADTs and Nogg-it reads the MPQ but crashes when it gets near the corrupted ADTs. I had this happen and for me i corrupted an MPQ and Nogg-it would crash wnehever i get near the ADTs i replaced the patch and common MPQs. Good luck bro
  12. doesn't this happen when the map is missing 4 textures? had this happen when i merged culling of strat adt's with EPL area. Oh and i had this happen when i removed some map folders from my fresh 335a folder because i was wanting to replace Ceardarrow and work in that area, would head there noggit and always crash no matter what i did, found out i had corrupted some of blizz patch MPQs during some copy and paste of the MPQs. Anyways keep us updated man if ya find the problem.
  13. That the beauty of those old conversions, we got the models and with some effort it could be done, would be nice to see a new SW/ORG only part of cataclysm I did enjoy. Anyone start a project I would donate some time to see it done.
  14. I have this already but it's buried in 9gigs worth of retro-ported MoP/Cata/misc MPQ's if you do a google search for [RELEASE] 4.0.0 ~ 5.4.0 Maps/WMOs/Doodads Content for 3.3.5a You won't find this torrent easy but some asian site had it i got it, it has all you are talking about even pandaria and all the cataclysm stuff every maps and model even custom logins and all of it, still havent even checked it all it's massive. On a side note don't bother checking the old forums post for the link on modcraft or many of the other modding sites links were all taken down or not working, so you will end up on google as i did and if you want a fully funcional new stormwind/orgrimmar