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  1. I changed the behaviour of that functionality, basically it copy the model to a "clipboard" same as if you copied a model in noggit and they you can paste it using V or Ctrl+V
  2. CascExplorer works for bfa, the version you're using is probably outdated. You can find the up to date sources here:
  3. Does it happen only with one helmet ? Can you give me the filename ?
  4. Thanks, I found the problem easily with the wmo, the fix will be in the next release too !
  5. Just convert the models with the option enabled and the position will be fixed to fit wotlk's characters.
  6. The anim fix will be included in the next version that's coming soon
  7. Well in that case of course it'll disappear. If the model isn't referenced in every chunk he's on that's what happens, the client think the model is not visible and thus it is not rendered.
  8. Because the version of noggit you're using doesn't have the fix
  9. Believe it or not, I'm aware those screenshots don't come from noggit As I said previously, it's just that noggit was not saving models properly which lead to this issue ingame.
  10. I thought the m2 was part of the wmo. It's actually disappearing because old noggit versions were not saving models properly leading to this issue, I fixed it at some point but I don't remember when so it's probably not in the sdl versions released. It will be in the next release though.
  11. The issue does not come from the m2, if you add it alone on a map it won't disappear no matter where you look. So it comes from the wmo, the m2 gets culled when is should not.
  12. I don't use blend mode override yet which is probably why some models have issues, but I might try to improve that once I'm done with noggit's m2 rendering.
  13. Yes, I just released a new version
  14. I removed it, just download it again ^^