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  1. I thought the m2 was part of the wmo.

    It's actually disappearing because old noggit versions were not saving models properly leading to this issue, I fixed it at some point but I don't remember when so it's probably not in the sdl versions released. It will be in the next release though.

  2. 10 hours ago, MR.Farrarie said:

    what do you mean by micro managing

    I converted all my maps before with MultiConverter_3.0.1 everything worked perfectly even legion ones

    the multi converter is more updated specialy for m2s particules and animated texture

    use MultiConverter_3.0.1 its the best until now no bugs for adt


    but its better to use the newest ver and comment the error to help the auther to advance his tool

    he did an amazing tool that make most legion m2s look very similar to legion you must appreciate that and help the auther by posting every bug you encounter

    What's wrong with v3.2 and adts ?

  3. 55 minutes ago, Inico said:

    If the model already had that effect in Legion it means that it already has a second uv channel. Therefore, you don't have to use that scrtipt.
    Just change the globalflag, play with the texunit order and appy the d4 field to the skin file.

    Or you can use Adspartan's converter. It can convert blend mode overrides from Legion to WotLK (doesn't work on all models but it's something).

    I don't use blend mode override yet which is probably why some models have issues, but I might try to improve that once I'm done with noggit's m2 rendering.

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  4. 37 minutes ago, Ohai said:

    Hey, seems like a nice tool but got this, I've extracted from retail legion world/maps..

    Took the world folder dragged it into your app, clicked fix and got this ?

    And Avast just reported that your sofware is clean :P

    Thanks to me your app just got the Avast lab certificate that its clean, wow I'm gonna upvote my post now ,b 

    Fixed, download the version 3.0.1 and it should be good.

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  5. You can convert big map it will take a bit of time, and yes it uses a lot of cpu too.

    It took me roughly 2min to convert the whole draenor map using ~75% of my cpu, and my laptop is far from being the most powerful.

    And you can always save the file before converting if you want to keep the originals.

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  6. I think that it's quite useless to mod on wod only to have better graphics, because of the retroporting of course but also because graphics aren't that important of course it's nice to have a game that looks better. But I've spent probably thousands of hours on minecraft even though graphics are good but even so, the game can still be beautiful.


    For me you should mod on wod if you want to use new functionality that aren't in wotlk.

    I prefer modding on wotlk because we have a lot more tools than on wod and we know how to do many things, the core is way more stable/complete on lk, ...

    It's a lot easier to do what I want on lk, and thus create more content.


    But I'll probably ditch wotlk in the future (a few years maybe ? x)).

    So if you want to do wod modding, go ahead, and share things to try to appeal people into wod modding, because let's be honest : if nobody makes tools/tutorials/... most of those who would be ok doing wod modding will stay on lk because of all the unknown and the extra work it would require.

  7. 1 hour ago, MR.Farrarie said:

    weird because when I use the pre noggit Versions the adt is not black I want to try the new noggit so do you know how to fix it ?

    Just remove the shaders on the adt, I don't know why some adt are black... I haven't got this problem on my custom maps and blizzard's maps.

    The reason is the one Skarn said but I don't know how you got that.

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  8. Alastor, I also haven't release every tool I've made and I understand very well that sharing everything is not an option, but there is a difference between not sharing a bragging about having something just to tell everyone that it's for personal use only and belittling other because of that (especially when one can't stand not receiving the help he wants).

    It's not because you have hd model/item/... or whatever comes from blizzard that you'll have a great server and attract a lot of people, it's the way you use them that matters and everything you create by yourself, and this won't be stolen just because someone else has the same assets from legion or another extension.

    And maybe those who are afraid of concurrent knows that what they do isn't that great.


    Because if everybody kept what they knew/had for themselves, wow modding would not be a thing...

    It's a shame, fighting won't help anyone... but I guess it's human nature.

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  9. 13 minutes ago, kekie said:

    This is awesome! Great work :D


    Btw, will the feature of smaller water squares and diffrent heights within one adt ever be added?

    or has it already been added, but am i to stupid to have seen the commands for this..

    Anyway, thx  :D:D


    I have that on a "private" version, I'll be adding this to the official repo soon along with other functionality.

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  10. 9 hours ago, Rangorn said:

    i can only help trustworthy people (like Helnesis,Chase, Raef and some more) :/

    On 16/05/2016 at 8:26 PM, Rangorn said:

    i have deleted this, because nobody here need WoD program, everything else is 3.3.5 content.

    When i try to help the non-existing 6.x community, people doesn't want to share knowledge, the only answers i get are voluntary not explicit (cf : how to fix the wmo texture bug from Legion), so i decided to stop contributing.

    3.3.5 will be the only modding version forever, and that make me sad.


    I've got nothing else to say x'D