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  1. 8 hours ago, Skarn said:
    • Zone light editor. It is annoying as hell to add lights to zones manually. The best option would be to fix a tool called Sharpwow for this purpose. It is able to render a zone where you can add lights. But it has some bugs and terrible UI. One could remove all the planned mapeditor functionality from there and leave only lighting. Would be quite nice. Ask Cromon for the source.

    If I remember well sharpwow can't open maps saved with noggit because he's expecting a chunk that seems to be optional that noggit doesn't save if empty. It should be easy to fix that if that's the problem.

    As for the source :

  2. If you want to do it by hand (it'll be a pain in the ass ^^), use the wmo group template from :

    And assign to materialId the value of box[5] + set the value 'unused' to 0. Now the fun part : repeat the process for each MOBA chunks in every wmo group.


    Also I've found a way to make the wmo appear correctly I think, but noggit seem to have some problem with those big wmos, some may not be rendered if you log off / in  while in or close to the wmo, but I haven't got this problem when spawning them as gameobjects.

    I think I'll update my converter today.

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  3. In the screen Amaroth posted the problem is that texture (or any kind of terrain modification) is applied based on the distance from the origin point (where your cursor is), and that distance is calculated using the top left corner coordinate of each chunk/subchunk thus making the circle a little bit off centred, and it's more visible with a small radius.


    But for Simple_spectr's problem I don't know what's the cause, I've never noticed that. Maybe it's the same but it looks quite big :/

  4. What I would like is to understand the problem to be able to fix it easily on other blps, I tried changing the color on the red one and putting it for the blue shield but it's not really practical.

  5. Hi folks !

    I've noticed something strange with a particular blp for a legion shield, one of the color (the blue) does not render correctly but all the others are ok as you can see with this screenshot :



    The 2 shields are using the same m2, the blp have the same header, size, format. But one isn't right, knowing too few about blp I can't figure out what is causing this.

    I've noticed that replacing the first mipmap of the blue blp by one from the other fix the display, even a part of the mipmap can make it look good ingame (with blue and red effect in that case).


    It's really the only one weapon where I've got this, and I think that knowing what's the difference between the two blps might allow us to fix some others that render the same way.

    Does anyone know anything about this ?


    Here are the blps : shield_1h_artifactnorgannon_d_02blue.blp and shield_1h_artifactnorgannon_d_02red.blp

  6. Have you tried to morph yourself into the creature ? (on TC you can morph without changing anything in the server)

    Are the dbc on your serveur updated as well ?

    if you've put the .mdx back the dbc looks fines to me, and if the server does not recognize the model id it doesn't spawn the model.