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  1. Yeah I know, but since the different displays for a single model are working the way I just simplified, I have like 950 displays.


    And I just changed the flag on all of them, and looked at the result but it's really weird when the moving part are following the camera (especially in the dressing room).

  2. I tried to change the bone flag but it look strange so I prefer the unchanged version ^^




    And yeah it was the particle color thanks again ^^




    Btw you're lucky to have only 20 models that doesn't work properly, I must be at 30~ (at least) out of 245 different models that don't work properly (+ the MonkeyKing staves). Sometimes it's not really noticeable but some are really ugly :/

  3. Quote

    I also recommend, if you are porting legion artifacts to wotlk, some of them have phys files. Make a script to change the bone flags to billboarded where it is set to 1024 (phys), it will stop the erect geosets, and they will atleast move with the camera. 

    Thanks for the info I never thought about this.



    It's the same problem with the cataclysm+ models that have fading textures, such as the overfiend.. or the firehawk. The engine just doesn't support it, unfortunately.

    Yeah it's a shame because the artifacts uses this for a few model.


    I managed to get something better than before, it's not perfect but I don't think I can obtain a better result.


    The blue version looks better, but the particles are still red, maybe I can change the color too.




    I plan on releasing all my scripts for porting, fixing particles, animations, phys'd bones, etc.

    For mop or lk too ?

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  4. I think the best way to start is to copy some existing models info. Take a weapon from the same type in the DB, look at the modelid, search the corresponding row in ItemDisplayInfo.dbc, copy it to a new row (the id of the row is the modelid) and change the texture/model/icon to match with your new model.

    Do the same in the DB, replace the modelid with your new model id and you should be good.


    The model name must end with .mdx in the dbc and you must remove the ".blp" for textures too.

    Weapons should have 1 skin texture but sometimes they don't have one I'm not sure what to do in that case, try leaving the field blank and see if the model is displayed properly.

    The name of the skin textures are usually the same as the model name with possibly a color or base after it and they are/need to be in the same folder as the model.

    Doc on ItemDisplayInfo.dbc :
    Item.dbc (required for weapons or else the game won't recognise the type of the weapon, and it allows you to equip items with right click)