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  1. This is an amazing job! I'm delighted
  2. Version 1.0


    Yes i know, there were so many similar works on the restoration of the fortress, but only one was completed. I did my own version of this project in my spare time, it's made in "classic" style. You can download it and try it yourself, it's not the final release, I still have to do a bit more work with details. If you find some problems and deficiencies, please write about it.
  3. Isdir

    Cata ADT's

    Found what I was looking for.
  4. Isdir

    Cata ADT's

    Hello, I really need your help. I'm looking for Cata pack with ADT's and else for 3.3.5 if there is one. Some time ago I found this pack, I think on this site, but unfortunately lost the link
  5. This doesn't happen for the first time I apologize if this question has already been raised It's looks alright in Noggit but in-game..