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  1. Just put it in your Wow/data/Enus folder. Dont mix ir with other patches that deal with spell changes, and profit.
  2. Hi everyone, a few years back I managed to retroport, Cataclysm Azeroth and Kalimdor, along with MOP, Draenor Maps working with MMAPS, Vmaps, so NPC will not sink underground and could "see" buildings and objects. Problem is that all that work is buried in an old 2017 compile. I compiled a fresh server a month ago, and cant get to reproduce the same results. I used this amazing tutorial by Amaroth. I gotten as far as getting MAPs working so NPCs understand how the custom terrain is = meaning they don't fall through the ground., main issue is I cannot extract Vmaps, MMAPS and building files because i get a crash on the extractors. (image shows error). Any tips on how to appoach this? In my previous work on 2017 I managed to retroporting all questing zones from Cata and some from MOP, to have the whole questing experience from Cata and MOP on WOTLK. (with some obvious changes). Thanks
  3. I readed something about spell animation also? Anything on the works?
  4. Hi Amaroth, back in 2017 I did this succesfully, with Kronixusa Cata and Mop maps ( and even Draenor maps), I followed your tutorial and afer many attemps, I was able to make it work, on my old server. I am trying to do this in a up to date, server. And my question is, if you think this method still works the same? What I am doing is removing all Azeroth and Kalimdor, WDT and map-like files so it only extacts the Cata maps, with no luck. Maps are build ok, (Npcs wont fall through the ground on custom, ground and works ok). But when trying to use the Batch files to extract Vmaps and mmaps i get errors. Thanks!
  5. Bingo! But interestingto to see that textures do work on 3.3.5a, in fact all works besides trees
  6. Hi there, I putted all files in a patch, and all trees Disappeared, I can see other changes, such as light and building improvement, is there an specific way to setup this patch? Thanks, and congrats on the awesome job!
  7. Did you ever dices the animation problema?
  8. I kept on playing and have never had a drop onf Fps or any problems with the patch. Today I will look for the rogue patch, that the creator said he did. And regarding the Paladin patch, it is just broken then?
  9. O righty, Ill keep on testing. Dumb question incoming, Combat Log, or server error logs cant help on finding more Bugs?
  10. Thanks, so this was the spell that was messing everything? What spells are updated for the druid