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  1. So I'm having this issue after adding more ADTs to my map file, updating my WDT and flying to within ~1 ADT's distance from it, or so. It's not up on the wiki's client error page, so I thought I'd post here. Any help working this out would be massively appreciated. Full log, including the current thread and others:
  2. honestly just take my babies, these all look so fucking epic
  3. Sorry for the beginner question here, but. After setting up Noggit, I have run into an issue where it can't seem to read my WMV's log and can't place an object into the game because there are is no model data in my log, while the log shows that I have been looking at models. Here's my path to the WMV log folder. And here's my WMV log - as you can see, it has opened everything successfully and is looking at the model. Am I doing something dumb or is this a bug?