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  1. So this is where the thread dies? Lovely...
  2. I am using the latest version. 3.1222 BETA version. If there is a later version can you please link and I will try.
  3. It is in MCRF for the chunk. I'm trying to go through wiki but not getting enough information to work out EXACTLY how objects are rendered. What causes the culling? And in this case, what variables are involved in this fence object (and small rocks, etc) being culled when the camera reaches such a short distance from the object while other objects with seemingly smaller scale are just fine with rendering. There doesn't see to be an object limit, the scale of the m2 doesn't seem to matter since I can blow the thing up larger and it makes no effect, it's rotation does not see to matter either. Removing nearby objects don't make any difference either so it isn't like it is being "blocked" by anything to trigger a culling. But what does seem to matter is MDDF of the object, as only that index is affected since I copy and paste them. Yet in 010 I see no difference in the MDDF other than basics like rotation and position. The MDDF index exists in the MCRF of the chunk it is placed, and no other chunks. So what's left? Where is this culling coming from. It is very difficult to understand as the wiki isn't very clear on the variables involved with doodad culling.
  4. From what I'm reading, it is possible that when saving the ADT, the MDDF is not being referenced from MCRF so it is being culled. I will test this theory when I get home. But I may just need to write a 010 script to add problematic M2 to all MCRF in the entire ADT.
  5. No the object is entirely in one chunk. I've read somewhere that if I were to add a reference to the object in surrounding chunks it would not happen. Have not tested though.
  6. Many objects are being culled when they should not be. I understand that objects fade out past specific view distances, although these instantly flash in and out of sight. Here are some examples. This does not appear to be remedied by scaling or changing rotations of the object, or even changing it's location... strange enough. This fence example, each object was CTRL+C pasted from one another and moved to fit. I am using Noggit 3.1222, I tried saving ADT in other versions although everytime I save the ADT my camera gets launched into the sky when I fly in that area, so. Not sure what that's about but this noggit version is the only one that appears to work for me to save ADT. Here is Example: Happens for many other objects too, rocks, random stuff. Please give me any info, I don't want to be spoonfed, but I would like to read and learn more to avoid and remedy this type of thing. Thanks <3 :*
  7. This seems to only happen (at least to my knowldge) with this WMO, other ones haven't produced this result. The WMO causing is 'valgarde_walls.wmo' and exists in northrend_41_30 ADT. I'm going to do some more testing to see if I can narrow it down some more.
  8. Sure thing will do. Ill try to be as descriptive as possible. Now, I don't recall this issue happening beforehand when I use noggit SDL. So I'm going to test a few different versions to double check and see. It is not the first time I've modded this ADT and this WMO. And I don't recall this issue at all, then again I may have just not noticed it.
  9. WotLK. This happens with every WMO. Does not span multiple ADT I understand why it happens, it's a performance thing. All clients do it, if the chunks are entirely covered by an object, why render it? The problem is I think that mapping is not removed by noggit when the object is deleted. (similar to shadow map) and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.
  10. When deleting an object. I presume a WMO of sorts the frustrum check still seems to be in place here. The chunks behind the object still seem to dissapear despite the object clearly being deleted. Does anyone have a remedy for this? In the screenshot there use to be a wall here. An idea I have... would I be expected to re-run mmaps, vmaps, etc with the patch implemented to fix this on the client side? Here is video showing this in real time camera movement: What I dont expect to see: What I expect to see: