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  1. Hello, I'm trying to add the worgen druid forms for humans in my 3.3.5a Trinitycore server, but i can't seem to fine the names of the human hair colours anywhere. Does somebody know how to find these? This is what i've done so far: But i think/suspect it's supposed to look like the Night Elf one (as shown below) with all the hair color names attached after each "case nr." (such as // Violet, // Green and so on):
  2. Have you checked/read this? https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CreatureModelData
  3. I also managed to get finsternis' legion creatures (http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=10729.0) to work with this by renaming his "patch-f" to "patch-7" and his "patch-g" to "patch-8". And afterwards i merged his DBC-files into the ones in "patch-c" using "myDBCeditor", which is working flawlessly Just be sure to place the merged DBC-files in finisternis' patches and place them after "patch-c" in the data folder.
  4. Im not sure what the problem was. But I just renamed "patch-C" to "patch-5" and "patch-H" to "patch-6", which somehow made the mount models appear.
  5. I can't seem to get the mounts working - despite having downloaded and installed everything. All it does is increase move speed, but i don't see any mount model (nor do they show up in "pets" - only the icons) Anybody got any suggestions as to what might be wrong?