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  1. Hi there, I think the file "Patch-Z" for Legion models was the incorrect version as Ladiik's mpq editor cannot open this downloaded file. I believe that's what the above posters are trying to say. Trying to open the file provides the following error, : "Failed to open the MPQ 'C:/filepath/Patch-Z.mpq'. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format." Gif displaying the error: This issue is indeed consistent with the Legion patch as well, since I can open the BFA patch.
  2. Check out Goblin Gumbo Kettle (Spell: 42753). Play with the misc values on that.
  3. Custom professions. Mining is nothing too exciting, but getting the basics down was the main goal. On to Blacksmithing and the rest!
    Great patch. The world edit is outstanding with little easter eggs and other exciting things. Could use better variation between some objects such as trees but other than that the world itself is outstanding. The custom models are nice, but some of the textures seem simple and straightforward. Really impressed though considering it's Matija's real first time on modelling with this patch. Also the font was rather irritating in gameplay. But really, I had a great time experiencing this content.
  4. Hey! If you're interested in looking for a project to do some noggiting on, feel free to check out Epitome. We're looking for an awesome editor! :)