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  1. Half of BFA patch is not working, dont download it. I can help you by listing what is not working if you want poisonleaf.
  2. It's rly wonderful thanks for your work amariel. Since it has a database connection and that you've already made a function to shearch items can't you make a function to edit items that are already in database ? like truice before
  3. I wonder why did you reshare this, files are lock so it's not usable with something else that use creaturedisplayinfo.dbc in our patch. what's the purpose ?
  4. Hello guys, I'm working on an HD patch for woltk using all draenor/legion/bfa models to update vanilla->woltk models. I've some problems of FX by using Adspartan converter, like on this pic. Do you guys know where i have to look to disable them ?
  5. Is that a word war 1 battlefield map ? ><
  6. ahah as dumb as i am if there's something i know is that if your game crash when you enter an area there's 99% chance that came from a model x)
  7. try your map blank , if it works then you know its your models , then maybe your forget to do some step in creating your maps
  8. Is your map totally blank or have you edited it with noggit and added some models ?
  9. Have a huge wow error when i try to use this model converted by your script @Adspartan, does wod alpha files not compatible ? https://pastebin.com/AFsKdcRB (Wow error data)
  10. i extracted the listfile from the mpq and check that all items in the patch are repertoried. Everything was here... don't mind i recreat a patch and it works now...
  11. Hello guys, Long time i didn't do model-changing and when i try to start wow i get this error : Any idea ? I checked the listfile in question but it's complete so i don't understand.
  12. how i checked a txt file ?
  13. For me it doesn't show anything from BfA i had to download a new one
  14. Thanks for your tutorial
  15. SAO is quite a great universe itself, but characters suck and Kirito is probably the greatest faggot ever But i'm still waiting an mmorpg porting too.
  16. but it's still the case in blizzard's adts it seems.. My personnal point of view, i don't like it. It's more easier for me to generate grass layers with photoshop.
  17. Long time i didn't post there... Working on a rework of deathknight start... But it's not simple at all thanks to blizzard and the funny idea to put grass on first layer, I've to retexture the map I started it recently and i take my time so i hope to finish it for march or may maybe ? ><
  18. I agree with that but I believe custom servers are not attractive, because of huge patches that each server has. I've a idea to fight against it : Make a cross-platform with common ressources patches that all custom server will use and 1 or 2 little patches to play on the server you want. But this pleasant idea means that everyone cooperate, and that'll never happend. (sorry for my very bad english )
  19. WoD better than WotLK ? please :') Elif : A software that can open many dbc in the same time to do modifications for 3.3.5 Noggit without bug
  20. Don't working on my computer but working on my father's computer... well thanks anyway i got my creatures from Legion
    Even if not working on my computer (i don't know why...) it's working pretty well on my father's computer so great work thanks
  21. When you think you're deleting your second WoW folder but, in reality, it's the only one you have :'( 


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      Praise the lord and you'll be grant they said. Well the goddess illuminates my mind and I finally remember that i've a zip of the full client.

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      you can search the client in a torrent or in a webpage i use a spanish one