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  1. ok thansk now it works fine for me but now most of the objects disconect my client and when i login again it kick me all times out i need to delete the object from database to fix it wath can i do now ? becouse 95% of the objects have this issue. The ERROR code is 51900323 when it kicks me out from server
  2. I did all wath i need to do i added the Template to my World in Navicat and added the .db2 file to my client and server folder DBC in a seperat folder but when i spawn an objekt in game it works but i cant see anything anyone know wath to do now ? So i can spawn objekts but i can't see them so how do i fix this to get the objects in game did i something wrong becouse i added it already on the DBC and on my Client with the Folder DBFilesClient but it dos nothing