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  1. Not sure what happened here
  2. Yeah dude. That is a feature - it is supposed to be a specular lighting effect
  3. Odd. The water shows the correct texture on my PC, but that lighting error is still prevalent
  4. Working on it my friend - expecting a release soon with version 1.0.0
  5. Mostly a problem with the LiquidType.dbc and the textures mate. Some of the textures I had initially weren't ported to 3.3.5a structure properly and made the sea appear green. I had to merge the water folder with Cataclysm textures and figure it out from there
  6. This update fixes the green water issue with this patch Thanks to Milly and especially Elrena for their patches helping me to research this bug
  7. Version 1.1.1


    This patch includes the improved procedural water that was tested in the 3.3.5a client. - This patch finally fixes the 'bright white' water glitch that would occur with other modders' water patches. - The colours for all water types, including all WMO water, Hyjal water and Coilfang indoor water should now be fixed. - The water has the intended animated 'wave' effects, ripple textures and reflection maps. - This patch also includes improved textures for Slime and Lava! Please note that whilst this water is improved, it does not look like Cataclysm water. This was made possible due to the fact that Blizzard were experimenting with improved water in 3.3.5a. In outdoor zones, it generally looks better than the old water.