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  1. Made some custom .phys files with the template. Used this old model for testing. The results are quite good, however it looks odd in Pandaria since everything seems to have less gravity. The ribbon curves look a little hard because there are just 2 shapes for each one of them. More shapes = smoother curves.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This template for 010 editor allows you to modify PHYS files from Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. DOWNLOAD Some notes and technical information: How to load a PHYS file in-game Change your model globalflags to 32 (or 160 if your model casts shadows as well): The bones with physics must have flag 1024: Bone coordinates Bones with physics will take their position coordinates from the phys file and ignore the position given in the m2. Position is set in the WELJ, SHOJ or SPHJ chunks. Bone hierarchy Bones with physics will not be affected by the rotation, scaling and translation of the parent bones unless they are added as an attachment. As you can see in the image above, the gourds with physics are not affected by the m2 animation and will only move if their coordinate in the world changes. This is why Blizzard makes separate m2 files for parts with physics. Exampe: creature/fishmount/fishmount.m2 (base model without physics) creature/fishmount/fishmount_wiskersleft.m2 (left wisker with physics) creature/fishmount/fishmount_wiskersright.m2 (right wisker with physics) The wiskers from the fish mount are in different m2 files, attached server-side as a vehicle accessory. You can also add them as spells or items. If the whiskers were part of the base model, they will just be floating next to the head, since they would not be affected by the parent bone movement. It's not necessary to separate meshes with physics if your model is static (i.e. helmets, weapons, shoulder pads, etc.). However you can add physics to a bone, and animate all the bones connected to it. (Since 7.1 models with physics don't have to be separated - See as an example) Difference between MoP and WoD The Phys file structure is the same for MoP and WoD. However, the only thing I noticed is that in MoP physics are more sensitive and the shapes feel lighter.
  3. You can reduce the polygon count by decimating. Here's a tutorial. I think you can bypass the limit by playing with some triangle id's but for now the easier method is decimating.
  4. To convert a model from WoD to Legion you just need to add 3 chunks to the m2: MD21 (contains the size of the M2 in bytes), SFID (includes the file id of the m2 .skin files) and AFID (includes the file id of the m2 .anim files). But you can't do that with a 010 editor script since SFID and AFID point to specific file ids, and they are unique to the model. So you have to do it by hand or copy them from the model you are swapping. The script would only generate the MD21 chunk, since it's quite easy to make. In previous versions the game just loads all the files inside your model folder, but in Legion you have to tell the game which files to load for each M2, and that's quite annoying.
  5. Version v1


    This script for 010editor converts Wrath of the Lich King .M2 and .SKIN files to Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. Supports: -Cameras. -Particles. -Animation flags. -Projected shadows. -Transparency flags. -Blend mode overrides. Also includes: -Batch file converter. -Shadow remover script. -Sequence flag remover script. -Skin template for 010editor with shadow batches added. DOWNLOAD Some notes and technical information: -make sure you are working on "OVR" mode before running the script. Projected shadows As you may know, projected shadows are stored inside the .skin file since Cataclysm. This script creates shadows for all texture units, including those with additive materials. If you want to remove the shadows from a specific geoset, just open the skin file with 010editor, run the skin template included inside the tools folder and delete the texture batch corresponing to that mesh. If you want to remove ALL shadows from a model, just use the "Cataclysm Shadow Remover" included in the tools folder (it's useful for stuff like fire or lights, that are not supposed to cast a shadow). As you can see, the glow, which is a billboarded square with addivite renderflag, is casting a shadow and the game can't handle shadows with additive materials. To remove it I selected its shadow batch, deleted it and reduced the shadow batch count by 1 in 010editor. More info in this video: Flying mount animations In WotLK, mounts use swimming animations for flying. Since Cataclysm, however, there are separate ids for swimming and flying since flying mounts can now be used as ground mounts and therefore swim. But, if a mount model doesn't have fly animations, the game will use its swimming animations. That's why this script doesn't duplicate them. It's not necessary. WotLK flying mounts should still work perfectly in Cata, MoP and WoD. Reflections This script doesn't convert reflections since there is no exact way to know when a texture unit is used for a reflection, glow, etc. So you must do it by hand. Just open your skin file, convert it to Cata+, go to the texunit with the reflection and change its shader to "144". Here is an example using "Creature\Murloc\": You can change the "texunit" and "texunit2" fields to "0" but it's optional since those fields are unused since Cataclysm, but just in case. Animation sequence flags Sequence flags are 128 digits bigger since Cataclysm. Without these flags some animation frames loop when they shouldn't and sequences don't blend correctly. This script fixes that problem and gives smoothness to the animations. If you want to remove the extra flags for some reason, just run the "Cataclysm Sequence Flag Remover" script included in the tools folder
  6. Next time use this to find all .anim files and there are no listfiles available.
  7. Version


    I use this small listfile to quickly find all the elements of a model when a new build or expansion comes out and there are no listfiles available. Just open the file with notepad and replace "Creature\ModelName\ModelName" with your model path (Edit-> Replace...), for example "character\zandalaritroll\male\zandalaritrollmale" or "creature\vulperafemalepirate\vulperafemalepirate". Then use it as your listfile in Casc Explorer. Includes .anim, .skel, .bone and .phys. Of course, it doesn't look for textures. This is quite useful for me because most released lists lack some .anim files.
  8. Inico

    3D Armors

    Hello. I don't know. I don't work with WoD. Only WotLK. Ported up a few models but never touched bone flags, dbcs or the collection system.
  9. It's difficult to help if you don't give information at all. As stated on some comments above yours, if a model is invisible, it doesn't have a second uv channel. If it has a second uv channel and it still looks invisible, you are corrupting the file somehow (and there are a thousand ways to break a model).
  10. If the model already had that effect in Legion it means that it has a second uv channel. Therefore, you don't have to use that scrtipt. Just change the globalflag, play with the texunit order and appy the d4 field to the skin file. Or you can use Adspartan's converter. It can convert blend mode overrides from Legion to WotLK (doesn't work on all models but it's something).
  11. That's not a particle. It's mesh with blend mode overrides. You have to manually fix it.
  12. Just replaced all spiderwebs inside the wmo and it worked without texture bugs: (using a Cataclysm client) If you are doing it without the template remember to fill the extra space with 0s or the data will be overwritten. And use the most updated file inside your patches. I used one from an old mpq and the game read it as if it was filled with water.
  13. I mean, you can replace the path inside the wmo with an invisible model (like spells\invisible.m2) and that will replace all the models, only for that wmo. Every wmo has a model file list. Each placed object refers to the id on that list. If you replace the model name inside that list, all objects using that id will be replaced automatically. You don't have to make a script. With just replacing the file path inside the wmo all the objects using that path will be replaced. For example, I just replaced "World\Generic\PassiveDoodads\Barrel\BarrelLowpoly.MDX" with "spells\invisible.mdx" inside the wmo and all the barrels disappeared: It took me less than 5 minutes. Since all the barrels in stormwind use model id "49", and I replaced the file path of that id, they were all changed. Just look for the file name of the skeletons, broken chairs and spiderwebs inside Karazhan and replace them with the invisible m2.
  14. It's the normal karazhan without spider webs, skeletons and broken chairs. You can easily remove them with 010editor, or replace them with invisible models. Nothing else was changed on that version.
  15. Still never crashed for me. But I released a cleaner version. Check it out.