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  1. Ofcourse in the mounts menu. That's what I meant. It's not there anyway
  2. Hi guys, i just wanna know how can i do custom mounts in Cata 4.3.4? ok, thats what i did: 1) edited Spell.dbc, copied Spell from with new Id 130000 2) edited SpellEffect.dbc, copied line the same spell with new id 153019 (last id + 1) and edited column EffectMiscValue (del from this column and put my own) and made a link to the new spell in SpellEffectId 3) in item-sparse.db2 made my item similar IT (just copied to the new line with id 80000 and changed text) 4) in item.db2 did the same 5) made a patch That's all! In the game new item works perfectly - new text, id and all i want, but when i used it, it taught me a new spell but in the spellbook the mount does not appear and the following usage indicates that the spell is already known What have i done wrong? How can i fix it?