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  1. When I was learning Blender, I created this very primitive alpha version. I just found it in my old library, thought worth to share. Btw it supposed to be Frozen Throne from war3 It never worked in the game, only in noggit. I always had a crash, but I planned it to be walkable from the very bottom to the top. But I never could test it, since I had no idea why it causes a crash.
  2. Greetings! [I am the one, who is looking for job] I have a dream to create a Wow server based on Warcraft 3 story from the very beginning. At the first-hand players had the opportunity to get acquainted with this world in Warcraft 3. That's why I think many of us would see it in World of Warcraft. Whole Azeroth and Outland in different phases. I already worked 100+ hours on this project alone, but can't open it anymore since I moved to another computer. Unfortunately, I can't deal with my old MPQ-s on the new computer. Probably, someone will be able to open it with basic down ported models. (Until legion) My project:!Asrk_5wjkszIhKkN9EhehurNQgUpGA I don't expect any payment, although I know this project is huge. If someone is creating it, and he doesn't have enough human resources, I wanted to tell him: I am here. Important: I am an economics student and not an artist. (However, my gf is an artist and praised me, lol) So I lack the knowledge to create from scratch and using the blender. I can use photoshop to recolour some texture. I can only use Noggit and placing down objects and create living towns and environment that are in the database. Or cutting the bigger WMO-s into smaller parts, like I did it with Dalaran. Holy hell I can spend hours with building fences in Noggit I read a lot Wow Lore, and I am committed creating lore-friendly towns, and quest opportunities. Also, I have suggestions how can be this custom content sellable, playable, balanced and fun. I am doing my thesis at university and workings as a trainee, so I have free time. Note: I don't want to use my old maps anymore. Since "Battle For Azeroth" is coming, It includes better models for this territories. And I am not interested in any other projects, only this one. PM me here, I wouldn't share my private email address to the public. I included some pictures of this unfinished zones.
  3. there is a weird problem with the wmo-s, all the doodad sets appear in the same time. So there are no doodad sets just a bunch of models together. If a wmo has a lot m2-s inside the WMV cant open it.
  4. i think your link is better, gonna tell after i downloaded it. It would be great if there would be similar file with legion downported included maps.
  5. i find this
  6. Ah really, with this feature i don't need export blp-s and png-s, but i still need to set it to solid instead of texture to see the texture on the model properly.
  7. Can you tell me, how did you import the wmo into blender with working texture? I have to set it to solid to see texture. I already put the exported blp-s png-s next to the wmo file with path preserved and without it,but not working. What I see is the black model.I thought If i load game data and then import it, will solve problem, but it didn't.
  8. You could help newbies with a tutorial. I am sure there are people out there, who would appreciate it.
  9. logg into game, press esc, interface, graphic settings and down below tehere is particular lighning and uncheck it. and restart the game
  10. i can't drag items into the converter and i got a trollface how to fix this
  11. A great video about how you put doodads into your custom WMO-s would be really life-saving
  12. You are so nice guy, im glad that you help people and let them learn from you Im sure i will spend some time on your channel! Thank you!
  13. It looks like the tiny island to north from Icecrown. Whats the story of this misterious island?