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  1. teach us how to uv wirght the model all the other things are easy to do
  2. it's easy anyone who knows how to do it want to share it, because make uv's is easy but not working with the "extra" parts of the skin
  3. it's not a cdn, they use this version with mpq updater from server and client. https://github.com/luth31/ElunaTrinityWotlk/tree/feature-clientupdate
  4. how do i get a legion CDN? XD today is impossible to find out
  5. it's not working your discord sorry for downtime
  6. you can see at the wiki Emotes https://wowdev.wiki/DB/Emotes https://wowdev.wiki/DB/AnimationData
  7. it can be the dbc so when the character tries to emote something it will crash
  8. i am trying to uv map a character from a race but... i don't know how to uv map the extras so i can't fix the model completely
  9. but how i can paint it?
  10. but how i can add in the head one extra texture, i mean, i want to put the back of the head but i don't know how to split the head how i can do it?
  11. but how i can split a UV to put it at another Image
  12. Hello guys i am having problems verting Vulpera to WOTLK, i am trying to convert it from m2i to m2 but i am having this trouble Also i am having a problem when i try to wrap the rear part of the head that i has to go at the 00_00_extra file
  13. it has an entry in SQL i think, then view the generated documents about trinitycore and you will see how to do it
  14. i am trying to make it really easy to work with, cause everyone can't know all about the dbc, so i need to do it right, but i need more developers, i can't do it, every DBC myself so... help is welcome
  15. okay i will give you boith an account i will send you the details in a pm