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  1. i am trying to uv map a character from a race but... i don't know how to uv map the extras so i can't fix the model completely
  2. but how i can paint it?
  3. but how i can add in the head one extra texture, i mean, i want to put the back of the head but i don't know how to split the head how i can do it?
  4. but how i can split a UV to put it at another Image
  5. Hello guys i am having problems verting Vulpera to WOTLK, i am trying to convert it from m2i to m2 but i am having this trouble Also i am having a problem when i try to wrap the rear part of the head that i has to go at the 00_00_extra file
  6. it has an entry in SQL i think, then view the generated documents about trinitycore and you will see how to do it
  7. i am trying to make it really easy to work with, cause everyone can't know all about the dbc, so i need to do it right, but i need more developers, i can't do it, every DBC myself so... help is welcome
  8. okay i will give you boith an account i will send you the details in a pm
  9. Changelog Do you want to see any change that i do? Here is your site, i will explain the new changes in the source. 04/08/2016 Finished Race Editor Thinking and painting in a paper the Bitmask Editor Every single label is not translated rgiht now i will do it tonight, i have to make the translations I only do English and spaniss translations, translators are requested 09/08/2016 CharBaseInfo done! - Done by Westtunger CharStartOutfit [Work in Progress] - Dashker and Westtunger Thanks for prividing me the right way to develop and leran more things :D, you are a genius!
  10. Killing bad code :D

    1. Oldarorn




  11. Time to learn DBCLib and Lists so tomorrow it will be another day

  12. Translation System is done! :D

  13. Time to rewrite the fucking code... fuck night, welcome headache

  14. i take this code and make a playground, to understand this code but i think it's a pretty good code, is my idea but better done, i have my own dbc reader and writer, but the difference is that i done manually to add or replace or remove a record, and the world editor library is doing by itself and it's more easyier, so save my time i think i can code a perrty good tool right now, the only thing i need is my fucking system translator working my algorith is not correct
  15. this is true hahahaha, i will have to adapt it, but yes, i will see if i can port the dbc writer, i think for now its my number 1 priority