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  1. Hi guys. I need a spell that give the aura of A/H diplomat. Once upon a time I met this on third-party sites, but didn't pay attention. Which is a pity...
  2. It might be better to create a new map based on a normal, smooth surface? Or try this: Clear height map > Fix all gaps
  3. You want to create the same map without Borean Tundra? You can try to use Rius Zone Masher for that.
  4. Better now than never. Here is an attempt to combine the adt of different maps. In order for them to see each other, it is necessary to change the Eastern kingdoms through Rius. And then they will accept one type, one map. As I did:
  5. Yes, it's true. But how can i fix it? I have already installed all the components in visual studio(for Cmake too), but there is no result. Although on Windows 7 at all with this problems not was and manual on Trinity me helped. upd.: Current OS Win 8.1
  6. You need to manually enter all these models into import.txt
  7. Hi there. Can you help me with my CMake problem? MS Visual 17 doesn't work(19 too), although I installed everything according to the instructions(OpenSSL, Boost, MYSQL, Git etc.) I've never seen "this" before