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  1. Hi guys, i just arrive to this site and its just what i need. (i'm not an native english speaker by the way) First of all, just see this: So, im working in a really big project and i need some help if i wanna speed up this. If you can take a look in my youtube channel i'm importing models from WOW to Cinema 4D and animating a Warcraft 3 series, putting all my knoledge about animation, editing, vfx, music, sound, and all my heart to do (in the end) the warcraft 3 movie that we all want. Totally lore friendly and taking even the same audios from w3. Well, you can look my channel to see what's this all about. Its getting better and better every episode and i realy need a hand with the models, just with the importing and exporting to FBX...maybe some costum models if you wanna participate. Please, let me know if you wanna join me on my quest, it would be really helpfull and we can make this look amazing. i'm trying to import some HOTS models but, i hope that someone of you can help me with that. Thanks in advance, and im glad to end up here