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  1. DM me with what you need or what's not working, maybe even your GoMove code. It's hard to share my code because, as mentioned, it's edited to the needs of my server, it's not standard GoMove anymore. And yes, we still use noggit (NoggitQT I think it is?) because by now there are a few ways to convert those 335 ADTs to Legion standard. I've asked my friend about that and he said that to his knowledge noggit does not provide it so he has not used it yet... but a (maybe a little bit ghetto) approach: create and upscale the textures yourself in photoshop or gimp. It's not exactly smooth scaling but if you have like 3 different sizes to one texture that should be at least something, right?
  2. I don't know if I got your question right. If you're talking about editing blizzard maps: no, but it should not be a problem. If you're talking about custom maps then that's a clear yes. We have two custom maps, one is 20x20 ADTs and one is I think 16x16 or something. And I don't really know what you mean by texture scaling... guess higher textures for gameobjects? Haven't tried that yet tbh, would prolly need some m2 editing aswell. To be clear: I am not a worldbuilder whatsoever, I have some friends building the maps, I'm mainly there for coding issues like fixing GoMove to our needs. We also have a mountscript (you know, where the mounts spawn after you dismount n stuff), some gameobject scripts like ladders and lootboxes and some more stuff for making the life of a GM and our players alot easier. But currently I'm kinda stuck at downporting stuff from BFA and up, bc I'm not that much of a file manipulator... need to get into that more I guess.
  3. It's possible to mod 735 Trinitycore without a doubt, it's just not easy-easy. I'll give some hints and help for the Windows POV. Few things you need to figure out: 1. Right VisualStudio version to work with (I'm using 2017, which was up2date when 735 TC was released) 2. Right boost version to use (I'm using 1.64.0 with, and this is important, lib64-msvc) 3. Blizzard is a d*ck, so you prolly need your own CDN to host the normal client if you don't want to have people download the whole client at once 4. CASC is the key to success now, this is (since there is no good modded executable anymore) your only way to get custom files into the client. Remember that you need to put the in your clients folder after the CASC is done. You can find it in the output folder of your CASC. 5. ADTs and DB2s are a little bit of a hazzle, there are some ADT converters which will work, some others might not. For DB2s, if you don't want to do things like creating items, the only real thing to remember is to always put whatever you change on serverside also on clientside. As someone working actively on a 735 server for like something over a year I'll happily answer questions if there are any. And the error OP encountered happens quite normally when the CASC has (or was) screwed up or when the client can't fetch the update for some reason(e.g. blocked by a firewall)
  4. Hey guys, I have a big question: is retroporting m2 from BfA to Legion 7.3.5 possible and if so - how? I've tried multiple things by now, converting BfA to WotLK and then up to Legion, using BfA Alpha Versions, which are quite similar to the build structure of Legion, converting from BfA to WotLK to WoD and then to Legion, using multiple converters and scripts. Nothing seems to work properly. I've tried it with multiple GameObject-M2 (just to make sure I don't have anything messing up with animations) but it's either invisible with weird collision or it just kicks you off the server if you're near or it's just... nothing at all. I'm kinda at my wits end and before I start working on my own converter I would like to ask if anyone has any idea, hint or maybe an already working script/program to give me a hand. I would really appreciate it. Cheers.
  5. Heyho, I tried it yesterday but it didnt seem to work - object was just invisible. No crashs but no collisions or textures either. The thing about the new BfA m2 seems to be the new texture references, which replace the old infile plain text references. The version number seems to be the same as it was for legion (274 to be precise). There is a big conversion file (from BfA to WotLK) where they removed the MD21 chunks and inserted the plain text texture references, but as far as I know legion has problems with stuff that is only MD20, so the mentioned convertion tool does not help it seems like. But im no expert - it would be super cool if some1 could explain or get this to work somehow.