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  1. Is it possible, that is is caused by not running adts through groundeffects_fix.bat? I was trying ground effects as well, possibly around the time it started throwing errors at me. Ground effects work, but I didn't use any fix on those adts, because after I tried it, those adts gave me immediate error after logging in to the game and without the fix it worked. Also, as I was looking at your tutorial, Skarn, I wasn't able to search for groundeffects.bat and groundeffects_fix.bat, I have GEAdder and GEFixer and it works kind of weird, so if it is possible, where can I find the ones you are using, please? EDIT: Alright, problem is in ground effects, either the GEAdder is weird or I need different fix.
  2. Yep, but I'm using them for a longer time now, I remember that roughly a year ago, those models were cause of errors, but that was repaired. This started when I moved few adts to create more space and I had retroported models before these errors and after them as well.
  3. I tried to repaint all areaIDs with existing areas and with a texture as well, just to be sure, but it doesn't work, maybe I just didn't understand you properly, which is highly possible
  4. Good day, last few days, I'm trying to solve a problem with wowerror and I really can't find what is the cause of that. I'm recreating one old map where I was forced to move some adts to create more space in the middle of the island. I thought, that this was the cause, but I ran all adts through OffsetFix which solved wowerrors every 15 minutes, after that, I thought it works perfectly fine again since I didnt stay that long in the game to test it again. Could this also be a problem of ground effects or something else? I doubt that it will be a problem of retroported objects from higher expansions, since that would probably cause immediate error. Thank you in advance for any advices. Here is what WowError says: