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  1. New ground effect system, does not work on LK
  2. Please help me find the model of the wings from this item (item = 174044).
  3. Hi guys, can you tell me if you can somehow fix the non-working particles in the models. They are in a frozen state. Video example: World Of Warcraft 2020.10.03 -
  4. Thank you very much, I somehow did not even pay attention.
  5. I convert the model as usual: - remove TXID using FixTXID.exe; - then I use MultiConverter_3.3.0. And it turns out this = ( Who can tell what is wrong?
  6. In this way I registered the textures in m2, after converting MultiConverter_3.3.0 to m2 only 1 texture appeared in the corresponding tab. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Hi, please tell me how to add several textures to the model. This method can’t be added more than 1 or I don’t understand something.