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  1. Since the link is broken I remade the template model for wotlk. staticscreen_template.zip
  2. Common mistake is that your video file has wrong resolution. This was already discussed here. Use the searcher.
  3. $SND event doesn't working for mounts. @Wpgn Use WDBX editor, it helps you in DBC editing. https://github.com/WowDevTools/WDBXEditor
  4. Thanks man ! I am glad that you found the tool useful. It could be much better if I could make the animations working properly, but those transform matrices in blender python was too advanced for me.
  5. Welcome to Blender - glTFtoM2 panel ! I would like to announce that my C++ project is finally complete. I'm not the happiest with the result, because I wanted to make a fully working animation feature, but a lot of problems came up and I needed to modify the offical blender gltf exporter to fix some of those problems for the anim part, the downloadable pack includes this addon. My algorithms are converting the animations correctly, however there are some cases when the blender exports wrong values which are not suitable for the M2, so animations are not stable ! Source code included in the download with secured archive file. I will release the password next month. Features: - textures - multiple submeshes - collisions - attachments - armature animations Known Bugs: 180°+ rotation for animations is not working, so make sure that your rotation keyframes are not exceeding 180 degree, relative to the rest pose NOT to the last keyframe. Sometimes your joints while animation are interpolating to the wrong direction, thus sometimes you will need to change the bone's animation axis. For tutorial and more details see my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NfSizizuzA Download: It will redirect you to the download link after payment.