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  1. Fixed ! In Blender I've renamed my UV to the default m2i UV name "Texture".
  2. I've applied a texture to my custom character model, and I got this weird black texture issue. Do someone pro wotlk+ modder have any idea what the heck is going on ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Wotlk Spell.dbc in 7.3.5(26972) is broken into these DBCs: Spell.dbc SpellEffect.dbc SpellMisc.dbc SpellXSpellVisual.dbc Use this awesome site to check what to edit: https://wow.tools/
  4. Hello everyone ! I've been working on a two player chess game that has the same rules like a real chess. First time it was meant for a fun private server that I wanted to launch, but I cancelled it, so I would like to sell this. It works for AzerothCore and TrinityCore 7.3.5(only). As for the special moves, only en passant works ! SQLs are included. Support provided, if you have any question feel free to contact me ! Here is the presentation video:
  5. Since the link is broken I remade the template model for wotlk. staticscreen_template.zip
  6. Common mistake is that your video file has wrong resolution. This was already discussed here. Use the searcher.
  7. $SND event doesn't working for mounts. @Wpgn Use WDBX editor, it helps you in DBC editing. https://github.com/WowDevTools/WDBXEditor
  8. Thanks man ! I am glad that you found the tool useful. It could be much better if I could make the animations working properly, but those transform matrices in blender python was too advanced for me.