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  1. So I been working on porting some mounts from other expansions into my wotlk server I got them all working in game but I have a couple of questions and sorry for any bad spelling I have dyslexia so bare with me lol so the first thing is after adding the golden king I can not seam to work out how to add the saddle to the mount all the data seams correct but yet it still will not show in game as screen shot below shows, 37169,3720,0,0,1.0,255,"ALLIANCELION","","ALLIANCELIONARMOR","AllianceLionBanner",-1,0,0,0,0x0,0, now other part is I am trying to add the correct audio files for the mounts I have already moved the audio into my patched MPQ and I been told to check CreatureSoundData.dbc, but problem is I have no way of knowing what codes are what for the mount is there anyway of finding out this information? cheers
  2. use boost_1_66_0 and make sure you add it to windows environment path then run cmake once you get to the configure window make sure you select x64 in the optional platform drop down then press finish, if you done it right then it should work
  3. Am looking for a complete package of all the current wow expansion creature models I downloaded most the files on this site but there not 100% complete so am wondering does anyone have a full rip of all the creature models on there drive some were that there can share? thanks alot.