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  1. Hey guys, i was wondering if this swap was possible and if anyone could give me a heads up on how to if it's possible. Cheers and thanks
  2. Hey man. You gotta specify more in the weapon problem as i dont think anyone is able to help with that info. Helmet is showing like that because of the new models. Gear is adapted to new models and thats why it shows like that, to fix it id use the converter you can find in the download section as it fixes that problem afaik, you gotta tick this option. Try that out and update, gl
  3. nvm, i figured out a solution
  4. Hey man. I have had the same problem and i think i have a fix for you. You can use Variant 2 and put custom DisplayID's to any weapon you want, and then you can use Modelswapper modify any weapon you want with the custom DisplayID, using the program is really simple but if you have any problem you can PM me. The only downside about this is that Modelswapper modifies files on your Cache folder so if you play multiple realms when you log onto another your mods will be lost since Cache folder changes. (you can make backups between realms i think to fix it). Good luck!