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  1. Version 1.0.0


    most if not all BFA tilesets 8.1.5+, not including new wsg yet.
  2. Version 1.1


    All the tilesets discovered at the moment on the Shadowlands Alpha. Will update when more are found.
  3. also, i would recommend getting a newer version of noggit. that version is quite old. you can find new versions in the discord JUST for noggit. make sure you download the DLLs and the latest version.
  4. looks like you chose the retail client. it does not work on any other version other than (wotlk).
  5. did you have any MPQs open when you opened noggit? they won't read that mpq if you had it open
  6. definitely seems like the ADT was on the edge of a terrain cut from the wow devs, use this ADT as the template ADT. It shouldn't do that. FlatADT_0_0.adt Edit: ADT error wasnt a good way to put that, so made my wording better.
  7. It needs to be uploaded to a third party site since the mpq file is more than 1 GB, @Poisonleaf had the same problem with one of his patches, something weird happens and messes up any file above 1 GB
  8. maybe just delete the model in the patch then name it that deleted model in the same patch? In theory, it shouldn't see a difference in model, since its in the same patch and same directory, same name.
  9. I would say just use the lock feature (keybind F) and go over that area, making sure it stays under the terrain. You can also just clear the water that isnt visible by going to that ADT and using the crop water button in the water GUI in noggit.
  10. you would have to talk to tester about that, i have nothing to do with how he coded it
  11. First 3 are from a gluexml removed exe Tester used for awhile. Helps with custom class problems and interface changes. Cache was renamed in part of his removal of the actual caching from his next section. They’re all xxxxxx because it stops it from writing to it.
  12. Version 1.2


    1. Thanks to Tester in the modding discord for helping make this happen! 2. To make this work, you have to make a folder MPQ, like this - put your map that you want to edit in real time to this folder - put the .exe in where your normal wow.exe is - set your noggit project path to your folder patch - log in to your server - teleport to your map - make changes in noggit, then save - Load out of the map then load back in with this macro (thanks Skarn for telling me about this): .tele gmisland .recall - your changes should be there!
  13. working on my own version of the underrot (a BFA dungeon), its all super early atm, all noggit screenshots