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  1. Zarkeven

    Thal'Dranath Progress

    Thal'Dranath is an island that was seen in the early alpha builds of World of Warcraft: Legion. This is my vision of what Thal'Dranath would look like had it been kept in the game. Everything is in an unfinished state at the moment, so don't really expect that much.
  2. can you post a screenshot of where you are trying to put it?
  3. looks like something in the ADT got messed up either that or a big/old alpha click happened in noggit don't click those buttons if you are making custom maps. they go through the entire WDT
    looks very nice! good work!
  4. it is an old version, you can check the test versions on the noggit discord (, make sure you download DLLs
  5. what noggit version is this? this seems to be a very old bug that was fixed
  6. Apparence is supposed to be spelled as "Appearance"
  7. Version 1.0.0


    most if not all BFA tilesets 8.1.5+, not including new wsg yet.
  8. Version 1.1


    All the tilesets discovered at the moment on the Shadowlands Alpha. Will update when more are found.
  9. also, i would recommend getting a newer version of noggit. that version is quite old. you can find new versions in the discord JUST for noggit. make sure you download the DLLs and the latest version.
  10. looks like you chose the retail client. it does not work on any other version other than (wotlk).
  11. did you have any MPQs open when you opened noggit? they won't read that mpq if you had it open
  12. definitely seems like the ADT was on the edge of a terrain cut from the wow devs, use this ADT as the template ADT. It shouldn't do that. FlatADT_0_0.adt Edit: ADT error wasnt a good way to put that, so made my wording better.