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  1. I found a patch with bakednpctextures. problem is that blood elf and goblin npcs are messed up again
  2. Hello i am new to world of warcraft moding and i need some help. I edited creature_model and creature_display_info databases and then added to a mpq file. I made a custom patch (Patch-Z on attached image of this post) to add a creature model from WOD. I have also a custom patch that allows all races to be all class.( patch-6 on attached image of this post). I started the server. the model is working but the face of all npcs are blur and messy ( screenshots in attachment) When i remove the custom patch with all class all race the npc faces are ok. but when i add both the npc faces are blur. I want to keep both patches. Is there any way to fix the blur faces of npcs ?