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  1. By "item" I think you mean a object like m2 or WMO? First you'll need Wow Model Viewer, setup everything and once you've found a model you want in WMV, go over to noggit and click "import last m2/wmo from WMV". You can also add the full name of your object in Noggits import list file - though I recommend using WMV. There are some tutorials here and there how to use WMV but it's quite straight forward.
  2. Aah I see, thanks for the help, much appreciated!
  3. Did you find a solution to this? I have the same issue with a newer version of Noggit...
  4. Alright, so. Idk why you have two "world" folders in your "NewAzeroth" folder. Put the world folder in your patch-xx.mpq. Then create a new folder in your patch-xx.mpq called "DBFilesClient" and put all .dbc files in here. Also make sure you have a "DBFilesClient" folder in your "project folder" as well. Follow my quick guide here at the bottom. This should work for you as long as you have edited map.dbc and areatable.dbc with your custom map. Make sure both map.dbc and aretable.dbc is in the "DBFilesClient" folder in your patch-xx.mpq and projects folder.
  5. Are you editing a Blizz map? Are you swapping textures on Blizz maps? I recommend creating your own custom map instead to avoid wow errors. Modifying Blizz maps can be very annoying because once you start to change too much, wow doesn't like it. Especially if you are new to Noggit and don't know how to work around the specific error.
  6. CUSTOM MAP TUTORIAL Create a project folder where you store all your custom work, including the folders used in your custom patch-x.mpq (DBFilesClient & Interface etc) Copy your "Data" folder from your wow client folder to your newly created project folder. Copy your "World" folder (custom maps) to your newly created project folder. Make sure that your custom patch-x.mpq is in the "Data" folder you just copied to your project folder. Open Noggit (I use Noggit version 3.2771) and go to your "Settings" Check the first options "Game Path" and "Project Path" and link both these to your project folder Hit "Save" and restart Noggit. Finito! You should now have your custom map visible in your Noggit! SCREENSHOTS (IN DEPTH) 1 I have named my project folder "Work" 2 This is what's inside my work folder. It's optional to use "Data" folder, but it's much more convenient if Noggit uses it's own "Data" folder instead of your wow client folder that you play on. Just make sure that whenever you have made a new patch-x.mpq for your custom map, include it in your work folder as well in "data. 4 Open Noggit and navigate to the settings page 5 "Game Path" and "Project Path" should be directed to (in my case): D:\Work If you choose not to copy your "Data" folder to your project folder, select your wow client folder in "Game Path" ALL DONE! You should now be able to see your custom map in Noggit once you have restarted it.
  7. Can you send screenshots of your project folder? And the settings page in Noggit?
  8. First of, make sure that you have a "project folder". I have a folder called "Work" and inside that folder are: Data (my wow client for noggit) DBFilesClient (dbcs) Tileset (HD textures) Interface World (my custom maps) After you have that folder done, create a patch-X.mpq and import these folders above into the patch. Close the MPQ editor and put the patch inside your wow client DATA folder. Then go back to Noggit and go to Settings -> at the top you can choose Project Path and Game Path. In my case, I have both these set to my "Work" project folder. It works because I have copied the "data" folder from wow client folder. Next, close down Noggit and re-open it and your custom map should be visible. TIP: Make sure that DBFilesClient & World is still in your "project folder" as Noggit will read these to be able to show your custom map. Also, make sure that your custom made patch-x.mpq is in your "project folder" data folder too. So you have two patch-x.mpq, one in wow client folder and one in "project folder" data folder. Now your map should show, if you have already edited map.dbc and areatable.dbc (forgot the name). Any questions, just ask ^^
  9. This area is the most complete area in Horde Starting Zone, roads a bit more organic, more plants and more natural terrain with hills, roots & flowers. I haven't yet found a good texture for the roads as you can see in the screenshot the road is different now than before. I would love to find the road texture used in the retail zone "Elunaria". It looks like this: Anyway, I'm happy with how it looks right now, I just need more detailing and I need to update groundeffecttexture for the doodads to be placed correctly. But I'll do that at a later time. Here's how it looks right now:
  10. So I wanted to make a crater in the middle of the map as a "world boss" zone with a few quests. Started out with a simple circle mountain and slowly adding more and more detail to the crater. This is how it looks like at the moment: Forgot to increase view distance here.. Next day some detailing and adding more mountain heights.. Current state look like this, I really enjoy working with lava! More height will be added later, for now a lot more lava is planned and to find some awesome objects that fits the environment. Any suggestions? What do you think of it?
  11. Awesome Noggit work! Really like the cave system, especially with the night elf props! I agree with Krysík l but your map should work quite good if you just re-exctract your maps, vmaps etc. ++++
  12. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! The edges of the roads are a bit "too clean" right now due to the groundeffectdoodads behaving strangely. I'll definitely make it more organic on further updates.
  13. Thought I'd share an early layout of the Swamp. Groupeffectdoodads are increased a lot just to see how it looks during development. I like the look already! The idea is to be able to walk/run through the water, as the water is going to be at foot height. Many swampy creatures from lvl 10 to 18 will be here (here's where the first challenging mobs/bosses will be).
  14. Originally started out with a much greener texture but changed to a darker grass texture. Still not sure if I want to use the current stone path texture so that might change, what do you think? I love to hear feedback both negative and positive so reply if there's anything you would like to point out *Please note that everything you see here is in early development and might change a lot* There are a few things I'd like to add but not 100% sure yet: - Watchtowers (tauren style) - Horde machines broken - Training "pit" for training Any suggestions? Sneakpeak of the swamp in the distance
  15. Thanks for the help tho, I'll take a deeper look at gameobject table in DB later tonight to see if I find it. I gave up on the Wintergrasp zone and created my own ADTs instead to create a similar layout like Wintergrasp.. Atleast I won't have the ugly buildings in the way now.. ^^