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  1. Hm ok. I do have a ptach-enGB-5.mpq in locale which contains only DBFilesClient with only my custom map.dbc in it. Gonna ty without it but shouldn't that work if it contains my custom map? ^^ **UPDATE** So I still get the error.. removed patch-enGB.5.mpq from locale folder. Can it be because I extracted the maps with patch-enGB-5 in locale folder?.. I'm really stuck here, thanks forthe tips.
  2. Just checked my new vmaps, it stops on map ID 724 and doesn't make a .vmfile for map ID 728, might this be the cause?
  3. I just went through all my Patches, now my Patch-5 is the highest numbered Patch with a DBFilesClient (with map.dbc inside. Also re-extracted maps,mmaps and vmaps. Double-checked map.dbc in my server folder and it's up to date with my custom map ID. But I still get the same wow error... Don't know what to do more..
  4. So an Invalid mapID? Hm.. I have checked map.dbc and my custom made map is in there with the ID 728: The DBC file is located in my patch-5 and in the server folder
  5. Yes of course, my DBFilesClient files are in the Patch-5 and my maps, textures, wmos etc: The selected maps shown in the picture are inside my patch-5. My patch-5 is also located in WOW folder/DATA I have already textures some adts but not all of them, here's a pic of the map I'm trying to import: Here you can see that I have 4 textures. The path for Noggit to read my project (Sorry for the bad handwriting with mouse haha) SO I don't know what might be wrong, I think I'm doing just as all the tutorials out there.. What am I missing I'ma try to paint all chunks with 4 textures, however that sounds strange if that would work as there are loads of custom maps with only one texture working for others .. Aren't mmaps and vmaps used to keep the NPCs on the ground? To recognize where the ground is?
  6. So I have an issue with my custom map in-game. The map works perfect in noggit. What I have done so far: Created the Patch-5 and created a wow folder just for extraction: Extracted maps in copy folder of wow 3.3.5: Ran the extractors to create server side maps, vmaps etc: Created a path for "islandgeneric" in map.dbc. Located in the patch-5 and also in server dbc folder. After all this, I get a wow error and can't access the map, can anyone help a fellow noggiter please? ^^
  7. Wanna send me that .exe please? Get the same error when trying to teleport to my custom map..
  8. Any update on this? Any new tutorial?
  9. My Patch-5.MPQ is in my project folder as well in my wow folder > Data. So that works perfectly! My DBC files are located in the project folder that Noggit is linked to, so it works fine on the older versions. Will check the settings page in Noggit 3.2 when I get home, didn't know about that change ^^ Thanks for the help guys +++++
  10. My map.dbc is in my Patch-5.MPQ together with the ADT files. If that's what you mean?
  11. Legendary, thank you man! I will take a look at this when I get home, didn't know about the settings as I'm used to the older versions.
  12. Heyo guys! Having some issues with Noggit 3.2614. My custom maps works perfecty with Noggit SDL3.1408 and Noggit SDL1.4 but not in Noggit 3.2... So I want to start doing my own custom map so I created all adts with ADT Adder 2.0 and that works fine, then mashed the files with Rius Zone Masher. Works perfect.. Then added my zone in Map.dbc (+1 ID from the highest named "grim". Then I moved my adt files named "grim" to my path folder as well as the map.dbc file: (Map.dbc is in DBFilesClient and my adt files is in World/maps/grim, data for dbc files) This is my config file for Noggit 3.2614: This is my config file for Noggit 3.1408: They both are the same and my custm maps shows up in Noggit 3.1408... Here's the start page in Noggit 3.2614: Here's the start page of Noggit 3.1408: If someone would know how I could solve this, please comment and I will try everything... Neither 3.1 or 1.4 is working good, full of bugs and things that f**k up my adts. Would really like 3.2 to work with my custom maps. Thanks