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  1. if we are to improve the texture of the game, it’s better in this way, as in this patch
  2. At the expense of the patch with site modcraft, I'll say this, it's crooked and with crashes.
  3. Unfortunately, there are no such patches. Even if there are, then they have errors and crashes. They need to be ported for good from scratch for cataclysm and fix bugs yourself.
  4. Hey i made some creature model from wotlk+ to wotlk. Maybe i update this dl link but at the moment my backup drive could be died T^T. I do alot of texturs and some 3D works like the brew ram/kodo :3 and the Troll fast/slow mount. Its all for the blizzlike idea on wotlk with a nicer look. There should run all smooth just the big boars have still a "big" problem haha :s I hope you like my work and that all works well:3 Patch-F + Patch-G Update Time 2018 It could be that something is gone that you maybe like. For example the Human horse(for me it looks now nicer than the pala mount hmpf^^). Something looks complete new(Raptor/basilisk/dragon/drake and more) but it is still the first version of a model or just some little edits. I made all also death skeletons new, with the new skelett creature models. I think really cool is that i use the alpha Chimera from here and glue it on the newer armature and made new textures for the outland version :3. Overall there alot rere works and fixes. But be care it is to much for me to find all bugs^^. Update 2019 Hey, some of you have see the Tx id thing too. And it make it all not easier. I made not much new here and focus on improvements. The totem problem is gone. The slow horse hoof is fixed. Alot of special fx, like glowing eyes, glowing stuff and so on work a bit nicer. The chopper have now the second driver behind. The talbuks are complete reworked again^^. New nightelf mounts (the fast have no mountspecial sound idk how to fix that).Owls, clefthoofes , wolfes are also rereworked. Two new Summon stones , spectralbear and new elementars (uff) . Special thx to Adspartan´s multiconverter, it made here and there something easier for me. p.s. I decided to reload the patch, maybe someone will need it. The original post found on another site along with the site is not available.
  5. The patch link has been removed. This is not a patch, but an eerie creation that the author once wanted to convey to people.
  6. using web.archive.org I was able to get the link to the files for the TBC(2.4.3) and Classic(1.12.1) version Hold if you need it Tileset bc v 1.6.2
  7. The current patch changes the textures of buildings, roads and other things to more beautiful ones. Patch autor - Finsternis. Tileset V 0.96 ( for version 3.3.5a) p.s. The trees in the screenshots are not included in this mod, this is from another patch from another author. The patch does not touch the textures of water, lava and the like. Also the author had patches for version 2.4.3 and 1.12.1 but I did not download them because I don’t play these versions. Screenshots of this patch. Not all locations in the game are shown, but the patch changes absolutely everything that is possible.
  8. I have no idea. I just made the conversion of ready-made textures from the author from png format to blp format
  9. The mod works, but you need to convert textures from png to blp, and then create mpq. After that, the mod weighs much less. I have not converted all the textures yet, but the result is on the face. Here is a screenshot of the starting location Honestly, I do not know if it should look like this or is it just a blp converter that transformed textures so crookedly.
  10. Modder ‘FaeSky’ has released an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Version 3.3.5. According to the modder, this pack improves the quality of over 14,634 textures by using AI techniques. Going into more details, this Texture Pack upscales the resolution of textures by two times. The modder used Video2x in order to upscale them. Moreover, FaeSky used the realsr_ncnn_vulkan driver to maintain detail. Do note that this pack only improves the textures of environments. As such, it includes textures for dungeons, environments, tileset and the world. It does not feature any textures for creatures, NPC, spells, particles or items. Additionally, and in order to prevent any possible game crashes, the new textures are limited to 1024x resolution. Now as with all AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs, this one retains the same art style as the vanilla game. Similarly, its visual improvements are not THAT great. I mean, the new textures are definitely better, but they are not THAT much better. Below you can find a comprasion screenshot beetwen the improved and the vanilla textures (the carpet looks noticeably better now). before after p.s. The original mod was removed, but I managed to find it on one of the russian sites. I don't know how it works or if it works at all.
  11. A patch with the final update has been released. No further fixes are planned from me, edit it yourself.
  12. The patch has been updated to fix some errors in the text, background for the text and the location of the buttons.
  13. Due to the fact that the modcraft site has not been working for a long time, I am posting the patch that was on that site. The patch contains character creation and the shadowlands style game login screen. Some things in the patch are made differently from the original. There are also 4 minuses in the patch. The point is that the text cannot be switched with the right mouse button, as in the original Shadowlands interface. When you hover over a class or race icon, or select a character's gender, the text frame appears to be larger in some places than the text itself. In addition, at low screen resolutions, the display of some buttons is distorted and text overlaps some parts of the buttons. The dimming of the interface in some places crawls out of the edges, this can be seen on the screen for creating a character. Download patch P.s. The screenshots are taken from the Russian client of the game, but I posted a patch for the English client of the game. If your game client is not English, you will have to edit the description of the interface button names in the file CharacterCreate. lua They go at the very beginning. This file is in the file patch-4.mpq(Interface \ GlueXML) Update: Disabled hints when hovering over the character gender selection button(This is because the background of the UI tooltips is large and and failed to edit correctly to match the text). Edited some buttons by location. Changed the font size in tooltips when hovering over the race or class selection button, now it will work correctly at any resolution and will not overlap with other buttons. Update2: Included tooltips for selecting character gender buttons. Fixed background for these tooltips. Final Update: Removed blackout on character creation screen Screenshots from the game after the new update of this patch. Screenshot final update
  14. 1920х1080 русский клиент, не вижу проблем с этим. Возможно у вас игра конфликтует с чем то или просто ошибка кеша игры.