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  1. Thank you for this tutorial! It helps me a lot!
  2. Thank for your contribution Alastor, really appreciate.
  3. I know someone who ported pandaren, worgen, goblin to 2.4.3
  4. I had the same issue, I have been able to rename the original ADT and I edited it with gruul to only take the ADT I was interested in.
  5. Hello there, lately I downported Dalaran Arena map (from wow tools website) to TBC (2.4.3) and I have issue with the camera. Here is the link of the video showing the issue: I attached the WMO files if someone is interested. Thank you dalaran_sewer_arena.wmo dalaran_sewer_arena_000.wmo dalaran_sewer_arena_001.wmo
  6. Hello there, I was wondering if it was possible to import shape/texture from an existing map and put them on blank file? For instance can I take shape/texture from Durotar map (and not the WMO/M2) and put them into an other map that I call XXX. Thank you for the feedback.
  7. Welcome on this forum buddy! I hope you'll find what you are looking for on this website, don't hesitate to post/ask something, the community is friendly. Have a good time! Namok
  8. Hey there! Recently I started a project on TBC (2.4.3 rev.). When you enter in a dungeon on TBC and you press "m" your character don't appear on the world map and you don't have the map of the instance like in The Lich King of newer expansion. My goal is to add the dungeon map so the player will know where he is. I succesfully added my Worldmap, when I press "m" I have the good worldmap, I took for instance the Sunwell raid as you can see : But the thing is I don't know how to fill the positions needed in the DBC Worldmaparea, the positions are requiered to tell to the client : your player is here so you are here on the map" like here : I only found this information Map border coords. If anybody knows, feel free to send a PM !
  9. Thank you very much for this tutorial
  10. Gilneas Battle and "Skywall Dungeon" to 2.4.3, (currently trying to fix the minimap on the second screen) Need some coffee
  11. Woaw ! Impressive work Bardh, like always ! Keep it up !
  12. Finished to downport Tolvir Arena map to Wow 2.4.3, what's next ?
  13. Impressionant ! J'ai vraiment hâte de jouer sur Shadow, je vous le dis !
  14. Thank for the share