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  1. Ok thanks for reply, so basically there is no way since the software isn't available anymore? (Also where is Interface\Glues? I just get Interface\Addons)
  2. Hello I didn't found subject that talk about that, I would like to know how to edit the login screen to make our own videos on it, and sound (can't support anymore sindragosa roaring) Also is there a way to change the version that is showed in left corner? Thanks
  3. Ok it's in talenttab.dbc and spell.dbc
  4. Really nice I tried, nice HD mods and Taunka But would you mind to describe what patch change what? Like what is the patch-A, patch-B and so on? Thank you very much
  5. Hey nice release! I always wanted to play Taunka or Vryukls. I'm going to try that ASAP