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  1. Ahoj,  pro radu...  lze  v patch 3.3.5a udělat aby worgeni a goblini měli skill z  cataclysm? Ale nemyslím tím že si nahraji addon který mě je změní, ale vyloženě nahrání skilli do databáze servru.


    1. dufec0


      Give me you discord

  2. First of all, this is not tutorial for any different client version than 3.3.5a (as it is with all my tutorials). I have absolutely no idea how this works on any earlier or later versions and cannot be of any assistance with any issue regarding those versions. Having said that, if you have any issues loading wdt file, clearly, there is some issue with that wdt file. This happens pretty much exclusively only with wdts which are custom or modified. It depends highly on what changes you made to those WDTs and what tools you used on your WDT. I remember having such issues myself, but sadly, I really don't remember how I solved them. Try using different WDT editors, or try creating your own new custom WDT vs copying existing one and just renaming and editing. Something like that SHOULD work. Since it has been 2++years since the last time I updated server side maps, this is pretty much all I can provide and remember.
  3. 500 rep, 426 subs on YT... Guys, I am not even modding anymore :D. Thank you though!

    1. Legitdeadeye


      Some of your videos helped me a lot. well some is an understatement. Most of your videos helped out. thanks for the tutorials

  4. Amaroth


    Just wanted to add that if this is your very first attempt to do something in Noggit, its very good, I'd say way better than my was:P. Btw, updated series Alrineer kindly posted here, it has way more parts on YouTube already and I haven't updated it here for quite some time.
  5. Amaroth


    If you want to fix that green texture issue, Philli made a very quick tutorial here. You need to create _s version of texture you used there, because it apparently doesn't exist in client for whatever reason (it is the case for some vanilla unused textures):
  6. Amaroth


    What I would recommend here is considering using either smaller brush or spray brush to make road edges at least a little bit jagged. If it was your intention to make roads completely straight (including their edges, because, idk, someone keeps them that way), then its fine, but otherwise it looks a little but weird. Cobblestone roads don't get straight edges in forest.
  7. Amaroth


    Something I noticed here - all those little bushes around road seem to have the very same rotations. Try using random rotations instead, it looks a little bit weird this way.
  8. Couldn't have done that better myself.
  9. Tool ItemSync 2.0 is out.

  10. Finishing development of 2 tools and going to work on another tool, most of if not all of them for WotLK-MoP. In need of testers at the moment!

  11. I absolutely hate and despise people who steal content of others and claim it to be their own. Guess what, I also absolutely hate and despise people who troll, re-create accounts after getting banned, attempt DoS attacks or even spread malware and try to damage work of GMs and fun of players on project just because they can or just because they don't like that particular project for any reason they find suitable. You want us to fight internet kid morons we despise and hate - by becoming internet kid morons we despise and hate? Isn't it obvious to you how ridiculously stupid and childish is thing you are asking of us?
  12. This project again, and this kind of "discussion" - again? As much as I feel for you Roccus (provided you deserve it and you are not telling us just part of story which is convenient for you - no offence meant, just realize that we are not informed enough to objectively judge), this doesn't lead anywhere. I am not really fan of "Just ignore idiots.". Thats very stupid and short-sighted statement if taken too literally, yes. Having said that, giving too much attention to idiots doesn't make things better, either. Everything with moderation. And there was already one topic about RPHeaven here and note that it is closed and moved to trash bin, and for some reason.
  13. Looks pretty damn impressive.
  14. Amaroth


    It seems you too do use secret power of sunset, my young padawan... Good. Very good. Soon the empire will... Oh wait, wrong platform.