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Tutorial Comments posted by Amaroth

  1. First of all, this is not tutorial for any different client version  than 3.3.5a (as it is with all my tutorials). I have absolutely no idea how this works on any earlier or later versions and cannot be of any assistance with any issue regarding those versions.


    Having said that, if you have any issues loading wdt file, clearly, there is some issue with that wdt file. This happens pretty much exclusively only with wdts which are custom or modified. It depends highly on what changes you made to those WDTs and what tools you used on your WDT. I remember having such issues myself, but sadly, I really don't remember how I solved them. Try using different WDT editors, or try creating your own new custom WDT vs copying existing one and just renaming and editing. Something like that SHOULD work. Since it has been 2++years since the last time I updated server side maps, this is pretty much all I can provide and remember.

  2. Nymund9 asked on YT:

    "Everytime when I try to use this Addon, it says "WoW game data not loaded. Check settings" I dont know whats wrong. The path to WoW Client, WoW Model Viewer Log and BLP Converter are correct. I use Blender 2.78c. I hope you can help me."


    I told him to ask here, but he said (and he is right) that security check in registration doesn't work. So I'm asking in his place, because I don't know correct answer myself.

  3. I agree. I'd still rather see it being released (for a whole community) first. This releasing of things "behind the shop" and "under the table" shouldn't be really done, if you understand what I'm talking about.

    Besides, beta is currently unloading even those ADTs which were edited, when a user flies away from them. Thats quite a serious bug which should be fixed first.

  4. Because officially its the last "stable" release. And because I don't really like previous beta releases. Most of things I didn't like about them were already fixed by Adspartan, but those fixes weren't released yet and one can get the newest and in my opinion "usable" version only by compiling Noggit on his own or by getting an exe from someone. I don't really want to turn nonreleased beta into some sort of main "stable" "release".

  5. A pair of side notes.:
    1. In order to get listfile containing only M2 paths, you can take one shortcut which is faster than my cleaner in my toolkit. Go to your WMV's Export folder, open a notepad and copy following:

    del /s /q *.blp
    del /s /q *.skin

    and save file as .bat file into Export folder. Then create a new, empty MPQ file and move it to that Export folder as well. Now, every single time you want to get some models into Noggit's Import file, export all those models from WVM like you normally would, but instead of using my cleaner just run .bat file. It will delete all blps and skins from Export directories (and following subdirectories) and thus leave only M2s, at least as long as you don't have any other garbage there. Then just place all remaining stuff into MPQ, export its lisfile and open it in Notepad. And you are done, because now you can just copy all M2 paths. So, basically, you need to use my toolkit only when you want to filter models or stuff like that.

    2. the newest beta release of Noggit (and following ones) support WMV versions which place "," symbol directly behind file extension, which means that they are now compatible with most of WMV versions (at least with those WotLK ones).

  6. About names: We have only first and last name. Middle names were used in past, but are considered obsolete nowadays, and like Смердокрыл said, middle names are in fact not that common 'round the world like they used to be. 

    About title: It is not english, it is czech. There is itemy, not items. And its in čeština section, not in main section

  7. Just a little hint, don't use ADTs around borders of map (0 0, 0 1, 1 0...). You can't (easily) expand your map in one or two directions when needed when using those ADTs. And from my experience, its quite common that especially newbies tend to want to expand map further from original borders.

  8. Nice and short tut, I would just want to add that you need to have maps working for this system. It should be quite obvious, because AreaIDs are used. So make sure your maps are up-to-date and that .gps command really shows you correct zones you are in when working on custom maps. Otherwise selecting graveyard where your ghost will appear might get pretty buggy.

    Another little advice I found out, when server can't find graveyard to put you into, it will use default graveyards.

    ID 4 (Westfall, Sentinel Hill) is default graveyard for Alliance

    ID 10 (The Barrens, The Crossroads) is default for Horde

  9. Thanks for feedback Skarn. This is for 3.3.5a, I don't know how similiar/different those systems are on other client versions. I have highlighted all headings with size=20 and it looks fine in my browser, but its possible that it just doesn't look good in yours. I wanted to use heading formatting, but it made so huge spaces between rows that I have decided to use just a plain size. I will maybe try again.