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  1. If anyone wants some of the old files (2019 or 2020) DM me. I am reducing the amount of files shared to just the 2021 versions of the server (to save space on my OneDrive and PCs).
  2. I used to, I don't have the pictures anymore. I am going to be starting to work on the server again just at a slower pace now so I will make sure to post pictures of what the server looks like as it goes
  3. You should be able to right click on any of the folders and click Download then OneDrive should make a Zip file containing everything inside that folder
  4. Hey guys this is Shado, first of all just wanted to say Happy New Year! So I have been in the WoW modding community for about 3 years now and only been developing my server 2 years or so. It started off pretty rocky with a lot of staffing problems but we ended up finding out own solution and even though not being well known together we have made some of the most unique WoW private server experiences ever, with an entire graphical revamp of the whole game, redoing the faction and class systems, redoing the death system, creating the first ever single map Azeroth using downported BFA map files and so so much more. I am really happy to have spent this journey with all you guys, different server owners, and even quite a few of well known people in the modding community. I am wanting to announce Penumbra WotLK (formerly Project Penumbra) as now an Open Sourced project and all files ever associated with this server will now be open! Our custom client, core, server files, databases, everything and anything I have ever used collected downloaded for this project will all be available for anyone to download! I hope all you enjoy and love all you guys! It's been a great one! (Side note: I have too many files included to make a documentation for it all (over 300gb total) but just know that the "0A_ Final Revision 12-31-2020" will be the most edited and doesn't utilize the original Azeroth map files so that if you want a server more readily playable just keep going back in time and grab older versions. Also as the time of writing this files are probably still uploading and I have slow upload so don't blame me haha blame Xfinity.) Project Penumbra/Penumbra WotLK Open Source Repository:!Ajrq5s8tVXCnjwXeoJ28KInqYltV?e=Xb7z6f Discord server with more information: Wanna Donate? Project Penumbra Soundtrack 2.mp3
  5. Both EDIT: Sorry for the double post my internet went bad for a sec, if the character models themselves aren't possible that's fine, doing npc baked textures would definitely be cool to though!
  6. Hey! Love the work btw. If I were to give you race files would you be willing to upscale their textures to higher than 512? (if that is even possible)
  7. What methods are you using to upscale/downscale your images? I've been trying Topaz GigaPixel AI and no luck
  8. What program are you using? And what row is the infinite jumps so we can remove it?
  9. I am happy to report though that the Cance folder isn't created anymore
  10. Just letting you know when Shadow Qualities are set higher than 2 in the video settings the shadows on any custom object edits such as trees start to break and they stretch out all over the place: Also, the infinite jumps that are set in the exe also allow mobs to infinitely jump causing broken pathing.
    Really cool, but it's either locked or a custom listfile is needed to read this patch. Do you think you could provide the listfile?
  11. This is created upon Exe launch. Is this just a renamed Cache folder? I believe the Exe states: - Does not Create CACHE file Is this wrong?